Doctors demand new inquest into David Kelly’s death

According to the BBC, a group of doctors has begun a legal challenge to the Hutton inquiry into Dr. David Kelly’s death. They base this on the grounds that is was not a proper coroner’s inquest and that Hutton was not a coroner. The group further claim that the knife used to slash Dr. Kelly’s wrists had no finger prints on it (his own or others) despite him not having worn gloves. In addition they claim that the amount of coproxamol in his blood was inadequate to cause death as were the cuts on his body. There have been dark mutterings for years about the death of Dr. Kelly; many have been conspiracy theories but this group is a fairly august one and seems to be avoiding outlandish claims; hence, making it difficult to dismiss it and its members out of hand though similar claims have been made and rejected previously.

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