‘For freedoms won, however, there have been freedoms lost.’

From Steve McGiffin’s all too infrequently updated Spectrezine I’ll late link some differing opinions on the reunification of Germany.

Ewout Irrgang has a positive view:

It sent shivers down my spine when I heard the chants of ‘Wir sind das volk’ (We are the people) on the demonstrations. It was even more exciting when the chants changed to ‘Wir sind ein volk’ (‘We are one people’).

While Victor Grossman is outside the broader mainstream consensus:

Why is it never mentioned that the GDR, though certainly undergoing an economic crisis, was in less of a crisis than all of Germany today, and that until its very end it had no unemployment, no homelessness, free medical care, child care, education, and a sufficiently stable standard of living?