Some more stuff to watch and read

The A Team – GAA style
The Ulster Scots and American Presidents – Billy now moves on tae America.
Welsh Learners on You Tube – encouraged by Say Something in Welsh, which now has 6400 subscribers – that’s equivalent to maybe 300 night classes for adult learners – a real phenomenon.Everyone is enjoying Neil Oliver’s History of Scotland I’m sure. If you have an hour there’s a nice debate. – and if you have 30 seconds there’s this.
Finally, No celtic connection at all but Spacey is funny = especially as Walter Mathau. Enjoy.

  • Laird or Lord

    wee places are wee places an wee people are wee people.

    there was a time when the ulster scots were wee people who became big people in americay.

    there was a time when the scots were the biggest thing in the UK, intellectually, politically and inventively.

    there was a time when the irish ruled western scotland and the north of england, and their language, culture and monuments linger on.

    there was a time when scot meant irishman throughout europe, and their skills were in much demand.

    then the Reformation occurred.

    and bigotry and decline ensued…

    the English are of course totally blameless

    they merely wished to bring good order, governance and civilised values to wee people like us who dinnae ken

    In Part 2, we’ll explore how England went from being the most powerful country on the planet, to yankee poodle dandee…

  • dewi

    Laird – you should be on the tele…

  • Dewi, I’ve just put up a blog about a rash of Ulster-Scots road signs that have recently appeared in part of the Kingdom of Moyle. Can we expect David Gordon to write a tome about the Laird o’ Swelcheidland?

  • Dewi

    Been looking at your facebook photos of them Nevin. What they should do is make them bilingual Irish – Ulster Scots…..

  • They wouldn’t last too long in that neck of the woods, Dewi, if they put up the Irish form!