Exclusive: MLAs £ 7,000 pay hike redacted…

Plans to afford Assembly members another seven thousand pounds annually in two years time have been taken off the table…

  • joeCanuck

    Good start. Next we need salaries tied to productivity.

  • slug

    I think they should get a pay rise. They would then be expected to do better. Also, better people would be attracted to the job.

  • joeCanuck

    I’ll have some of what you’re taking.

  • slug


    Seriously £40k is very low by comparison with Westminster, Europe, Hollyrood, Cardiff.

    Also, the more you get paid the harder you work to avoid losing that job.

    Personally I would happily pay them £50 if it means better people are attracted to the job and/or the people who are in the job have to fulfill a higher expectation. (Like being able to speak without reading, for a start).

    I do think however there should be fewer of them.

  • joeCanuck

    That was an unfair off the cuff quip of mine.
    In my experience, there are two main types of politicians. The first type genuinely wants to make a difference and believe that they can; the second type is a Party time server who sees it as a chance for an easy living (and don’t forget the expenses).
    An increase in salary would attract more of the second type.
    I wouldn’t give anyone a raise until the issue of double and triple jobbing is finally dealt with since we seem to have a disproporionately high number of those in N.I.
    Having said all that, I do see merit in having equivalent salaries in all devolved administrations, taking cost of living into account.
    Iagree that there should be fewer, more like 54.

  • Dave

    I totally agree, Joe. My view has always been that politics should not have been allowed to become a career. To this end: (a) politicians should be paid a nominal salary plus expenses, and (b) they should not be allowed to hold any elected office for more than 15 years (including all offices). Parliament should be the great and the good serving their country, rather than a place where self-serving careerist hacks can pretend that they are among the great and the good or endeavour to become so with the national interest being subject to their learning curve. If there was no financial reward, only those successful people who are not dependent on the public purse would make the sacrifice. The bums would have to stay where they belong: teaching grammar to kids or filing forms at the circuit courts.

  • slug

    Dave that means that very few people could afford to be politicians and they would not be representative.

  • Driftwood

    Spot on Dave

    Look at the mess that lowlife Michael Martin made of Speaker. And postie Alan Johnson, Prescott etc show how not to run a country.

    At least with George Osborne, Francis Maude and Co. we know we’re getting quality.
    No-one at Stormont has had any such quality, since the Brian Faulkner/Chichester Clark era. Those great statesmen have deserted politics here and we need their type back. Estate agents and apprentice butchers-No thanks!

  • slug

    Driftwood you would also have lost Margaret Thatcher, a grocers daughter.