On the receiving end of the news…

I spoke briefly to Jim McDowell on Tuesday night at the Slugger Awards. I hadn’t seen him in quite a few years, and he seemed in reasonably robust form. But the following evening he was subjected to a pretty awful beating in the middle of the busy Continental Market outside the City Hall. McDowell’s paper has long been a scourge of loyalist and nationalism paramilitaries. He has a reputation for not pulling his punches and relentlessness in his journalism. More detail in the Newsletter. Put me in mind of the end of Malachi O’Dohery’s The Telling Year, when, at the very end, he tells of an encounter with UDA man Tommy Lyttle talking about McDowell’s predecessor in the job, Jim Campbell:

I said, “I worked with Jim”.

He said, “Every so often I drive past his house, beep the horn and give him a wee wave – just to scare the shite out of him”.

Tells you everything, doesn’t it?

They had enjoyed their war.

Tabloid journalists get the least recognition, attract the most notoriety and take by far the biggest risks… Get well soon Mr McDowell…

  • Rory Carr

    “Brendy”, “Speedy”, “Cricky”? What’s going on here? Is anyone whose first name ends in “y” selected as a target for assassination?

    As you can well imagine this implication is making me feel decidedly nervous.

  • Trev

    I’ve just ‘phoned BT and asked them to withdraw the Phonebook just in case thugs move on from newspapers and start using it as their source material for identifying targets.

    Thinking back about all the money spent on the police and army maintaining the ‘Orange Statelet’.

    What a waste all that was needed was closing down ‘Republican News’ and ‘Combat’ and we would have all been safe.

    Now is there a ‘Taliban Times’?

  • Kingsley

    Post #1 justifying violence. Is that a Slugger record?

  • Dec

    Post #1 justifying violence. Is that a Slugger record?


    Care to elaborate on how or are you, as I suspect, just incapable of cogent thought?

  • Driftwood


    You have to wonder why he never seen this coming…

  • Squig

    I suspect that Bap Campbell’s killing had more to do with him attacking Connolly House with hand grenades than anything in the Sunday World

  • Kingsley


    Read this very, very slowly and really, really concentrate and you might just get it.

    Editor of newspaper gets beaten up; immediately following attack another individual says said newspaper is responsible for bad things.

    This allegation is delivered whilst avoiding any condemnation of attack on editor.

    Ergo implication is editor got what was coming to him – justifying the violence visited on editor.

    Got it now?

    Look this might be way over your head but after reading your responses to some of the posts above it seems to me that you may have anger and/or self-esteem issues. Help is available.

  • paddy

    dec.your 100 per cent right madole is as much to blame for the daad murders as the ira gunmen were.hes on yapping because he got a few slaps after the misery hes brought round peoples doors hes a quare cheek

  • DC

    Oh I’m sorry to hear that, poor editor. What a dramatic and sensational assault to receive, one of very poor taste and style.


  • Pol

    Anything for a headline , thats our Jim. Any news on who or whom done it.

  • joan

    Fealty writes: ‘Tabloid journalists get the least recognition, attract the most notoriety and take by far the biggest risks…’ Could have added/inserted ‘…and write biggest shite and fiction….’

  • foxhole81

    Take his oil, the man and his rag spout a serious amount of lies every Sunday. Couldnt have happened to a better man imo.