McGuinness calls on British and Irish governments to intervene

The crisis in the Northern Ireland political process has worsened. Deputy First Minister Martin Mc Guinness has confirmed that he is meeting Gordon Brown to try and rescue the deteriorating situation. A financial package of over a billion pounds was agree for the transfer of policing and justice powers arising from a series of meetings between Mr Brown, Martin McGuinness and Peter Robinson.Mr Robinson continues to argue his community has to have sufficient confidence in the return of security powers. Sinn Fein is demanding to know when these powers will be transferred. Newry Armagh MP Conor Murphy has said ahead of the Mc Guinnness Brown talks in Downing Street:

“Agreements reached in political negotiations need to be honoured. The talks will focus on these issues of partnership and equality in government and failure thus far to agree a date for transfer of policing and justice powers and more importantly we need to hear from both the British and Irish governments how they intend to deal with this.”