Special Reconnaissance Regiment involved in foiling Garrison attack

The BBC are reporting that the Army’s Special Reconnaissance Regiment were involved in the apprehension of the terrorists who attempted to murder a young police officer in Garrison. Apparently the SRR which has been particularly active in Fermanagh provided the initial information that the police officer was being targeted and were then involved in watching the terrorists for a number of days.

This revelation might present some difficulties for Sinn Fein as they have condemned the attack yet at the time the SRR were fist deployed SF’s policing spokesperson Alex Maskey complained stating:

“Sinn Fein remains opposed to any such deployment of these forces and remains committed to ensuring that the PSNI is held to account for an effective, efficient and non-political Policing service.”

Gerry Adams said much the same:

“There can be no place for so called British Special Forces within any civic and accountable policing structures. People in Ireland know only too well how these particular groups choose to operate; Sinn Féin and its members have on countless occasions been targeted by these groups in collusion with Unionist murder gangs; as have many others across Ireland.
Sinn Féin has spoken with the Chief Constable Hugh Orde and conveyed to him in no uncertain terms our opposition to this deployment and indeed the manner in which this has entered the public domain.
Sinn Féin has also been in contact with both Governments and will continue in the time ahead to make them and others aware of the very real concerns and consequences of this retrograde decision.”

The question can legitimately now be asked is Sinn Fein pleased that these terrorists attempting the murder of a police officer were apprehended in part with Special Forces help or would they still rather remove the SRR and place the community in greater peril?