Special Reconnaissance Regiment involved in foiling Garrison attack

The BBC are reporting that the Army’s Special Reconnaissance Regiment were involved in the apprehension of the terrorists who attempted to murder a young police officer in Garrison. Apparently the SRR which has been particularly active in Fermanagh provided the initial information that the police officer was being targeted and were then involved in watching the terrorists for a number of days.

This revelation might present some difficulties for Sinn Fein as they have condemned the attack yet at the time the SRR were fist deployed SF’s policing spokesperson Alex Maskey complained stating:

“Sinn Fein remains opposed to any such deployment of these forces and remains committed to ensuring that the PSNI is held to account for an effective, efficient and non-political Policing service.”

Gerry Adams said much the same:

“There can be no place for so called British Special Forces within any civic and accountable policing structures. People in Ireland know only too well how these particular groups choose to operate; Sinn Féin and its members have on countless occasions been targeted by these groups in collusion with Unionist murder gangs; as have many others across Ireland.
Sinn Féin has spoken with the Chief Constable Hugh Orde and conveyed to him in no uncertain terms our opposition to this deployment and indeed the manner in which this has entered the public domain.
Sinn Féin has also been in contact with both Governments and will continue in the time ahead to make them and others aware of the very real concerns and consequences of this retrograde decision.”

The question can legitimately now be asked is Sinn Fein pleased that these terrorists attempting the murder of a police officer were apprehended in part with Special Forces help or would they still rather remove the SRR and place the community in greater peril?

  • Unionist

    “Anti semitism. The Limerick pogrom happened when Ireland was part of the UK. The pogroms in Manchester,Leeds, and Liverpool happened when they were part of the UK in 1948.
    Anti-semitism is a British problem”


    A British problem in cities with large Irish populations it would seem.

  • Different Drummer


    I watched two recent channel additions to youtube last night both were ardently pro IRA and violently anti-muslim one based in Ireland who said he ‘supported the peace process’.

    I posted a comment on his hate filled video saying. ‘OK so do you think we should join the British in Afghanistan then?’ Reply came there none. A few days ago he posted a message: ‘I’m leaving off politics for a few weeks now…’

    To be fair to the poster who signs himself ‘Unionist’ above I think being Irish doesn’t make the most the politically correct soul or paragon of virtue – only a fool and a bad propagandist would claim that. So Irish anti semitism and prejudice exists and it should be and has been challenged.

    But what if the point that is actually being made is the old Tory and Unionist claim – “everybody’s prejudiced therefore that entitles me/us to my/our own particular brand of prejudice” that’s a different point and it needs addressing because – as I have said before it’s an approach that has only one product: The Equality of Misery.

    Britain is genuinely a liberal democracy that too must be defended against the BNP and the saloon bar fascists – no matter what background they come from.

    But NI as it is now is not a liberal democracy and never will be so there is always a role for reactionaries to defend the reactionary status quo. To say that that then legitimates what Trotsky called ‘terrorism’ is a grave error because it re-legitimates the already existing reaction and puts the very possibility of mass opposition to that reaction into deep freeze thus producing more ‘evidence’ that they the ‘cell’ are the only way reaction can be opposed.

  • Fabianus


    “Anti semitism… A British problem in cities with large Irish populations it would seem.”

    That’s close to my experience. I grew up in both English and Irish cities. I have to say that antisemitism was more pronounced in the latter.

    This surprised me, given that the Jewish presence in the Irish cities was practically non-existent.

    I could only attribute this bias to indoctrination by the Roman Catholic Church, which put about the lie that Christ had been killed by the Jews.

    Of course most us know that Christ was himself Jewish and was crucified by the Italians.

    But hey, why spoil a good story by introducing fact?

  • Comrade Stalin


    I could only attribute this bias to indoctrination by the Roman Catholic Church, which put about the lie that Christ had been killed by the Jews.

    Uh, Vatican II ?

  • Dave

    Fab’s argument is tosh, Comrade, since the blood libel of Matthew 27:25 is not particular to the Catholic denomination of Christianity but is shared among all denominations equally. Therefore, protestants would be just as likely as Catholics to be anti-Semitic if they basis of their bigotry is the blood libel. As ever, the bigots pick out the bits of the bible that promote their agenda and ignore the bits that don’t, e.g. they will ignore the rather complimentary bits in Romans 9–11.

    Incidentally, Jesus would have been just another seditious troublemaker to Pontius Pilate, and he would have been executed without a second thought just like the rest of them. The Gospels, of course, have to pretend that there was something special about Jesus that made the governor treat him differently than the others.

  • Fabianus

    Dave and Stalin

    Pity the news didn’t filter down to ordinary Irish RCs then. I repeat: I encountered more antisemitism in Ireland than in Britain. The percentage of Jews was much smaller in Ireland so how does one account for this?

    All theories welcome.

  • a unionist claimed:

    ““Billy Wright and Lennie Murphy never murdered anyone then.”

    Have they been found guilty of these offences?’


    No. So obviously they have never murdered anyone.””

    Surely if the police thought they’d a case to answer they would have brought them before the courts.

    Do you know of any reason why the police did not bring them before the courts for these crimes you’ve alleged against them?

    The crimial justice sytem certainly doesn’t work if the police don’t play their part.

  • Brian MacAodh

    Wasn’t the King Rat Billy Wright in jail for conspiracy to murder?