“It’s great to see beam circulating in the LHC again”

Understandably, it’s been a lot more low-key than last year. At the newly refurbished, and tested, Large Hadron Collider [LHC] at Cern scientists have successfully sent a beam of protons around the ring in a clockwise direction, some 10,000,000 times, and are preparing for the anti-clockwise beam. BBC report here. And from the Cern press release

Particle beams are once again circulating in the world’s most powerful particle accelerator, CERN1’s Large Hadron Collider (LHC). This news comes after the machine was handed over for operation on Wednesday morning. A clockwise circulating beam was established at ten o’clock this evening. This is an important milestone on the road towards first physics at the LHC, expected in 2010. “It’s great to see beam circulating in the LHC again,” said Cern’s director-general Rolf Heuer. “We’ve still got some way to go before physics can begin, but with this milestone we’re well on the way.”