We wuz robbed

Gosh, only in Northern Ireland can a hand ball in soccer be seen as a divisive issue. I have little knowledge and less interest in the subject of the Henry hand job, but what I do find fascinating is the on-line response to it. At one point this evening, I got an invitation to join an on-line petition group to demand a replay of the match. I think there were about 500 names added to the list a couple of hours ago. It was quite amazing to note that 140,000 people had joined by 10 pm. In fact, it’s hard to keep up with the numbers of petitioners as it seems to be quite a lively subject. I wonder if the power of the internet will have any impact in this debate? UPDATE: Well the petition has over 200,000 signatories at this point in time. I don’t imagine it will have an impact but the discontent over this result continues to grow.