“It flashed from the west, and it lit up the whole freakin’ neighborhood.”

Via Space Weather. For something suppsoedly expected once every five years there seem to have been a remarkable number of “majestic” meteors recently – including one reported over Ireland in April this year. December 2008 over Edmonton, Canada. The anticipated asteroid 2008 TC3 over Sudan. Unexpectedly over Scandanavia in January 2009. The 8th October 2009 explosion over Indonesia. And in looking around I spotted this video report from Seattle in February 2008. Although they may have been variable in size, it’s probably just a statisical anomaly.. or an historical under-reporting.. Still, a least we haven’t seen another Tunguska [All hail Ogdy! – Ed]. Indeed. Apophis may await. ANYhoo.. Here’s a KSL news report from Salt Lake City, Utah, yesterday. More videos here. And there are a couple of selected clips below the fold.

A compilation of security camera footage from 18th November in Utah

And a grainy, but spectacular view of the meteor.