Fleadh Feirste launched this morning

Fleadh Feirste, the festival of the Gaeltacht Quarter was launched this morning in Cultúrlann.

The events will be underway from the 26th to the 29th of November and include concerts, music workshops and An Cabaret Craiceáilte, transplanted from Gaoth Dobhair for the night.

Interesting the website sports an Irish language translation of Belfast’s new logo , a sign of changing times in the Dome of Delight?

Nuacht 24 have the story.

  • RG Cuan

    Fleadh Feirste looks super – The Catherdral Quarter has a festival, as do Queen’s, so it’s great The Gaeltacht Quarter is now on board too.

    And I have to say, the Irish language version of the ‘B’ logo is excellent. Fair play to all involved!

  • Itwas SammyMcNally whatdoneit

    They really should put the map of the area on the Website.

  • ersehole

    The Irish language version of the logo is………………


  • ersehole

    And I know that’s harsh on the people who came up with it.

    But there once lived a Feirstíoch name o’ Fennell. Whose masculinity came ‘twixt he and personal happiness.

    But smart was Fennell; and he might say we should come up with a logo of Béal Feirste that is about us; and not a reaction to what a shitehawking London company, or whatever, thinks we should be.

  • igor

    Great. When you download the programme the PDF comes on screen upside down.

    What a metaphor!!

    By the way has anyone actually seen the Belfast Gaeltacht Quarter? Where is it? Are there bouncers on the corners to stop us culchies wandering in? Is the Guinness priced in Euros (or do you pay with oxen)?

  • GGN

    O, you can pay in Euro if you know where you are going.

  • Itwas SammyMcNally whatdoneit


    Map is on the upside down PDF – as mentioned above it should really be on the front page – seems to be the Falls area.

    Whats with the ‘culchies’ reference – I thought that was a Southern Territories term of endearment?

  • GGN

    Considerin g Igor believes that somewhw the pint of a pint of Guinness is somehow equal to the price of ‘oxen’, I somehow doubt if he is very attuned to wat a culchie is, unless the price of Guinness in Upper Buckna is wil’ altigether and ye cudnae gt a shillin fur an aux.

    Maybe I’ll do a thread on it.

  • paddy

    just drove through the area never seen any sign of a festival must be just another move for british goverment grants. they love grants wonder what it means in oirish

  • Seimi

    And so the march of the trolls begins….igor and paddy, why don’t you both put your prejudices aside and come over for the Fleadh? You might even enjoy it. If not, then please feel free to come back here and vent your collective spleens about what in particular you didn’t like…?

    Submit word – them! Ha ha! Ye couldn’t make it up!

  • GGN

    Does anyone know the significance of the spelling ‘oirish’.

    Is it supposed to signify something or to offend?

    I have seen it used and have always wondered how strange, given that the pronouncation I-rish, and Airish would be more common.

  • Itwas SammyMcNally whatdoneit

    Oirish is the word of choice for many wishing to indicate that an event or a behaviour pertaining to Ireland (Northern and Southern territories) encapsulates some of the national characteristics captured so accurately by Hollywood in such classics as the Quiet Man and stems form the almost total inability of foreign feckers to imitate our fine set of accents – (to be sure) x 2.

  • paddy

    took yer advice seimi n went over to the british goverment funded fla. there were a few criminals hanging about the door smoking they call themselves x pows must have been brushing up on the oirish they learned in the kesh. buttons down in the car n drive on not a bit of wonder nobodys near it with these hallions hanging about

  • King J

    All for a party , flogging a defunct identity and culture for the sake of one-upmanship i am not. Support Orangefest you folks of knitted sweaters , beards and guns down in granny’s bunker ….

  • GGN

    It is hard to believe that a simple oul fleadh can take out the worst in some people.

    Still that is the way it is …

    Some people like to party, some people like bigoted rants. I know what I would rather be doing.

    Fleadh is open to all folks, if you let the sectarian shields (security blankets) down for an instance you just might discover something you like.

    Does anyone know where the Gaelic plsam singers from Leodhas (Lewis) are performing this weekend folks?

  • Seimi

    Ah, paddy, paddy, you decided to come over and have a look did ye? It’s a real pity you were a full week early, isn’t it? Still, don’t let a small technicality like that spoil your childish rant…

    Submit word this time – times! 🙂