“We didn’t just find a little bit; we found a significant amount”

Cabeus Impact

When it followed the Centaur booster rocket into the lunar crater Cabeus on 9th October [Whilst wondering if it would be its friend – Ed] it appeared as if Nasa’s LCross mission hadn’t made as big a splash as expected. But at a press conference today Nasa revealed that the preliminary examination of the data collected showed evidence of “a significant amount” of water vapour and water-ice in the impact plume. Which adds yet more complexity to the story of water in the solar system. Image: The visible camera image showing the ejecta plume at about 20 seconds after impact. Credit: Nasa. Here’s a larger annotated version of that image. More images here.

Cabeus Impact - annotated large

Hopefully the press conference will appear on NasaTV’s YouTube channel.