TUV man up in court

As reported in the Newsletter today (not up online yet) the man widely believed to be the TUV candidate in the forthcoming Lurgan byelection is up in court today charged with multiple driving offences including failing to wear a seat belt, no insurance, failing to produce insurance, having no driving licence and failing to produce a driving licence.

The 64 year old man, David Calvert was proposed as the TUV replacement for former TUV councillor Mark Russell.

Mr Calvert was proposed by Independent Unionist councillor, David Jones but the proposal failed to get a seconder.

The UUP are believed to want to stand Freddie Mercury impersonator ‘Flash Harry’, otherwise known as Harry Hamilton, who has also been selected as the UUP Upper Bann candidate to contest the Westminster election.

The DUP preferred local community worker Bruce Kidd, who has no party alliance. This proposal was turned down by the UUP.

UPDATE: Report in today’s Newsletter (no link) states that four motoring charges against Mr Calvert were withdrawn at Craigavon Magistrates Court yesterday. Mr Calvert was not present but the 64-year-old admitted to driving without a seat-belt on July 1. He was fined £80 and his licence was endorsed with 3 penalty points.

  • duckhunt

    Sure he’ll fit in well with all the other elected criminals

  • cut_the_bull

    This story is scraping the barrel a bit.

  • cushy glenn

    What a load of tripe. It’s hardly a multiplicity of charges. Someone at its height has no seat belt and doesn’t produce his insurance and licence within seven days. Is this the best the UUP children can do these days?

  • jone

    When is Wille Wilkinson’s rape trial?

  • exile

    [i]Is this the best the UUP children can do these days? [/i]

    I was under the impression that Fatboy Charles was John Finlay’s (DUP) bitch?

  • Panic, These Ones Likes It Up Em.

    Is he enacting TUV policy

    Proddies don’t need seatbelts, insurance, driving license

    Alistair himself probably does not even need a vehicle. The Proddy God just gets him to float to his destination or is that just all the hot air

  • couldn’t comment – shouldn’t

    the real question arising out of the Craigavon debacle is;

    Is there any truth in the rumour that the DUP tried to get (asked) Sinn fein to second David Calvert??

    Who should we ask?

  • Tits Magee

    And there was me thinking the TUV were men of God…

    Criminals eh…who would have believed it!!

  • DR

    Not wearing a seatbelt is naughty but to me isnt a major issue..
    however driving without a licence and insurance is, and unless a very strong case could be argued would be a resigning issue in my book, if it had of went through he could have been one of the shortest serving councillors in local history!

  • 6countyprod

    Are you sure they got the right Calvert? Doesn’t sound like the spick ‘n’ span, fussy wee man who owns the House of Brindle.

  • Neil

    He’s lucky he’s in politics here in NI, where a lack of charisma and a disregard for the law need be no barrier to his career. To those saying it’s not a serious offence I say bollocks. Driving without insurance is highly irresponsible. You never know what’s just around the next corner as the man said.

  • skullion

    Yet again on this site someone has been found guilty of a crime without any trial.Can’t we just wait and let the magistrate decide.If found guilty then froth away lads but in the meantime give him the benefit of the doubt.

  • Trimbleite

    Wee Andrew is indeed a DUP lackey, but has always been a bit confused about what he thinks. Some of us remember just how “progressive” he was when sucking up to the Trimble squad in the UUP. Still, the DUP “family” seem to forgive all sins these days.

  • interested

    What a bunch of nut jobs that belong to the TUV god help us all if they ever get elected.

  • Intelligence Insider

    How’s your own driving Andrew? I seem to remember you twittering;

    “I hate speed cameras
    8:49 AM Aug 4th from Twittix” ?

  • Intelligence Insider

    I also see on your blogspot that you “currently manage PR for two elected representatives.” and charge “Prices in region £20.00 per hour.

    No surprise then that on MP’s expenses you write;

    “The whole debate over MP’s expenses and accountability is going too far. MP’s are going to be expected to clock in and clock out of Parliament and limits will be put on their living expenses.

    As a supporter of the Parliamentary age, and a strong advocate of the role and power of an MP I feel that this is a campaign emerging from the media, and not grassroots, i.e. the voting public. We have to allow our MP’s some freedom and we elect them to Parliament because we trust them to represent us.

    Lets remember, London is an expensive place, accommodation is limited and costly.

    We send our MP’s to Westminster to represent us, and not engage in the long haul of filling in forms and checking over them. This is was exists under the current system.”

    Who are the elected representatives that the taxpayer pay you to manage public relations for?

    How much have you been paid to date out of Assembly expenses?

  • Comrade Stalin

    A couple of speeding tickets or parking tickets one could forgive, but driving without insurance or a driving license are both very serious offences, especially for a party which sees fit to provide the rest of us with lectures on law and order. I appreciate that this is yet to go to court, but I doubt the PSNI would submit a case with such serious offences without having performed the simple check, so the likelihood is that these offences did take place.

    If Jim has any wit he’ll expel this guy. I don’t expect he will, though.

  • I know David Calvert and would be stunned if this were him. I could imagine not wearing a seat belt but driving with no insurance and having no driving license?????

    Very odd indeed.

    Mind you, given that we have a political Assembly with convicted murderers, bombers and bank robbers in it – the sort of people that seem to have more than their fair share of apologists in these pages – driving offenses would seem not the worst form of crime – though I disapprove of driving without innsurance and not having a license.

    Let’s await the facts.

  • Rory Carr

    Do please get your extreme unionist priorities in order here, young Mr. Andrew. This allegation is hardly a serious matter. It is not as if the man was seen allowing his grandchildren to use the swings in the public park on a Sunday, or permitting his wife to be seen in public wearing a trouser suit or something really heinous like that which would assuredly necessitate that he be hounded from public life (if not indeed from the Wee Six and perhaps even life itself).

  • sheamus

    we willie g makes a lot of snowballs for the ejjits in strabane to throw.but i somtimes wonder who tells we willie g to make the snowballs in the first place a lot of people wonder how we willie allways mannage to get distance between himself and the actions of the inla. his buddy eddie mc g must have been well pleased with the inla statment of disbandment saying that hes due be sentanced for membership of the sheamus inla good timing or what

  • WatersOfMarsBBC1Sunday

    Rory Carr

    “he be hounded from public life (if not indeed from the Wee Six and perhaps even life itself).”

    Strange you say that Rory because I do remember a certain murder attempt by the IRA on a certain David Calvert in Craigavon Shopping Centre a number of years ago.

    I am assuming though this is a next generation Calvert.

  • loki

    Nope, same boy. Must be well in his 60s now

  • Mark McGregor

    There still isn’t an external link to any of this. I’d suggest there may be a reason for that. He isn’t a public figure, he holds no office and this blog and much of the comment is based on tittle-tattle and hostility to his ‘friends’ not any real story.

    Crappy no links gossip blog.

  • exile

    Have a look at these incisive, perceptive pearls of wisdom which Andrew “I hate speed cameras” Charles pronounced to an eager world just a few weeks ago at http://openunionism.wordpress.com/2009/10/15/you-know-it-makes-sense-reg/

    [i]Ignorance will get you know where.[/i]

    [i]The Tories are an English party, not Unionist[/i]

    [i]I think that is truely guilty of you for you to think that Unionism is generally sectarian[/i]

    £20 an hour, you say? Absolute bargain.

  • WatersOfMarsBBC1Sunday


    “Nope, same boy. Must be well in his 60s now ”

    Really, he was quite a controversial local councillor in his day as well as being well known in the area. Hence the murder attempt by the IRA.

    He was one of the Unionists banned from public office for a number of years for discriminating against a GAA club in Craigavon, denying them planning permission for a new ground, or something like that.

    Can´t understand why he wouldn´t have a driving license, unless he had been banned recently.

  • An Lorgain

    The Lurgan Mail ran with this ‘exclusive’ during the week………….

    [b]DUP OUT OF RACE Article Published Date: 12 November 2009
    By Staff reporter[/b]

    [i]THE DUP may be pulling out of the by-election race brought on by last week’s co-option fiasco at the council.
    The ‘MAIL’ can exclusively reveal the party’s council group is recommending they ignore the up-coming poll.

    In a statement the group, led by Alderman Stephen Moutray, said: “We are recommending to our local Party Association that the DUP ignores t
    ADVERTISEMENThe upcoming by-election in Lurgan and does not put forward a candidate.

    “We are disgusted that ratepayers could face a bill of approximately £30,000 as the result of the selfishness of other parties, and we know that is also the view of the people on the ground. It is ridiculous that an election has been forced to elect someone who will only serve for a number of months before the next local government election.

    “It is not too late to prevent the loss of such a vast sum of taxpayers’ money. If the name of only a single candidate goes forward by the close of nominations an election will not be required.”

    They also said: “We call upon other unionists to see sense and join with us in trying to identify a single candidate who can gain broad support across the unionist spectrum. The waste of £30,000 should focus minds.”

    Following last week’s debacle both main unionist parties have been keen to blame the other for the stand-off, while the TUV have accused the DUP of welching on the co-option deal.

    In a statement the TUV said: “Upper Bann TUV Constituency Association calls on both the DUP and UUP not to nominate candidates from the forthcoming Lurgan by-election and allow TUV candidate David Calvert to be the only unionist nomination. This will save the ratepayers of Craigavon up to £30,000 in an unnecessary election in the middle of winter.

    “It will also mean that the DUP will not be opposing a TUV candidate as agreed earlier in the summer. If the two other unionist parties agree to such an arrangement then the winners will be the ratepayers of the Borough.”

    For their part the Ulster Unionists have said they will be fielding a candidate – even though they also say no by-election should be taking place.

    A party spokesman said: “The deal done between the DUP and TUV earlier this year was hailed at the time as a solution to avoid two by-elections saving the public purse approximately £25,000 in each case. In Ballymoney things went through in the summer without a problem, but in Craigavon things were different.”

    Commenting on the issue, UUP leader on Craigavon Borough Council, Councillor Ken Twyble said; “I want to make it clear that the UUP was never part of a deal, but it appears that the DUP were not prepared to second the TUV nominee despite the deal; however, we understand that the DUP even approached Sinn Fein to see if they would second the TUV candidate!

    “Now that we are facing a by-election the UUP will select a candidate – and we hope to win and add to the service provided by the party in the Craigavon area.

    “The fact remains however that no by-election should be taking place.[/i]

    [url=http://www.lurganmail.co.uk/news/DUP-OUT-OF-RACE.5814590.jp]FULL STORY[/url]

  • WatersOfMarsSundayBBC1 on Nov 13

    Ok so we know where the TUV, UUP, DUP all stand but what about the People´s Popular Front of Judea, or Judean Peoples Popular Front.

  • CW

    So NI’s top Freddie Mercury impersonator Flash Harry is standing for election. If he wins no doubt we’ll be treated to him belting out a rendition of “We are the champions” in a tight leotard.

  • Jo

    “I know David Calvert and would be stunned if this were him.”

    Who else do you think it could be, then?

    Some SF man who changed his name by deed poll to give the TUV a bad press?

    They’re well capable of achieving that by themselves.

  • So, the essence of the claims against David Calvert reduce down to driving without a seat belt? My god – should be be imprisoned and his car taken from him. I wonder WHO started this false story?

    Well big deal. David is a decent guy and I wish him well in his objective of getting a seat on Craigavon Council, although given the dross that infest that place he has his work cut out.

    I did laugh at Alderman Moutrays pious statement. Pity the DUP – doomed to get what is their due very very soon.

  • 6countyprod

    The electorate have rejected Calvert a couple of times in recent years and it’s obvious that he has few friends on Craigavon council.

    Why don’t the TUV select someone more acceptable and avoid such a waste of time and money? Calvert must rule the roost in the local TUV branch.

    Or maybe Mr Vance would be willing to put his name forward so that he can ‘infest’ the place!?

  • 6countyprod,

    Not having friends on Craigavon Council is something to be proud of!

    How could I put my name forward when I have no interest whatsoever in local Councils – beyond stripping them of their powers to waste our cash and provide a third rate service?

  • 6countyprod

    Oh, that’s right, David, I forget, you’re proud of being the armchair-type, preferring to snipe from the sidelines as opposed to actually doing anything constructive for the community. Sorry.

  • AnotherInsider

    how many mlas have u worked for intelligenceinsider?

  • Insider

    David why dont u stand again!? come on giveus a laugh!

    also how was it not a story? may he was an PSNI special branch informer? eh?

    if he was a member of sinn fein you would have jumped all over him on atangledloadoftuvshite

  • Insider,

    Usual high standard of repartee on Slugger, I see.


    I accept your apology. You can’t help your crass lack of insight, can you?

  • 6countyprod

    David, there you go again, getting all nasty and personal. I was only alluding to your bio where you say it’s ‘much more fun to retire to the sidelines and snipe’!

    btw, your phrase ‘crass lack of insight’ is what they call redundancy, and is even something of a double negative. You may use ‘crass’ or ‘lack of insight’, but not both terms together. The word ‘crass’ means lack of insight/intelligence, etc.

    Things slow over at your tangled web? Have a great weekend!

  • 6countyprod

    I suspect it will be better than yours.

    ATW traffic very high for a Saturday – check out the number of comments! Thanks for asking though – now snipe a little more.

  • Jo

    “David is a decent guy”

    He was found guilty along with colleagues of sectarian discrimination.

    Obviously something of which you approve. Convictions such as that don’t usually attract the epetit of “decency”.

  • Coming from someone who supports terrorists in government, i will take that as a compliment. Cheers.

  • Harriet Haramn

    It is disgraceful how a woman cannot go about her important political business without being harassed by the police!

  • 6countyprod

    So, he wasn’t wearing a seatbelt. Naughty boy, David!

    What a waste of everyone’s time!

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