Reservists can join the police but only through the front door…

Chief Constable Matt Baggott has told Slugger O’Toole there will be no change in his decision to phase out “FTR” or full time reserves. Jim Allister says about three dozen reserves have moved to protection of judges. According to Mr Baggott two hundred and twenty former full time police reserves who left the service returned to the police as full timers through the normal channels. That approach is a constant.

Those having to leave under Patten by 2011, where eligible, could apply to join the PSNI as full time officers. Mr Baggott says that door is open to full time police reserves subject to demand. Furthermore some of the officers who leave as full time reserves will be free to apply for ‘civilianised’ posts left vacant by officers moving into the frontline as opposed to being stuck behind a desk in some back office.These two scenarios painted by Matt Baggott allowed the DUP to move away from Jeffrey Donaldson’s perceived position of absolutism. He argued the retention of the full term police reserves is one of the preconditions for the return of policing and justice powers.

Mr Baggott uses language not dissimilar to health chiefs who argue more hospital beds don’t necessarily mean better health treatment. They argue it is how resources are best exploited. The Chief Constable is wedded to the idea of maximising his resources where opportunities exist.

He is making one thing clear however. He is not underwriting jobs or guaranteeing jobs. He is fully aware of the need for open competition. He will elaborate on all of this in the coming days to the policing board.

The question now is: Is this enough for Jeffrey Donaldson?

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  • DC

    It is fairly reasonable response. With one thing, however; if you are a full time reserve who re-applies and gets a new 50:50 full time post, yes you will be pleased with your open competition, but you wont half think of being on the receiving end of political expediency with a little “I told you so” in terms of competency.

  • KieranJ

    Get serious. The gangsters who use the name PSNI are nothing more than the old RUC scum operating under a new title.

    This anti-Catholic and anti-Irish arm of the British military should have open season visited upon it.

    That’s just the way it is.


    Jesus KieranJ if that is a genuine post will you ever get a grip of yourself. No one is saying the PSNI is perfect but believe me they are a hell of a lot better than what went before and if you are a Nationalist old enough to remember you would agree. As a Catholic man now hitting 40 I can recall the real sectarian bitterness of the old RUC and can honestly say that what we have today is nothing I mean NOTHING like that. I spent a good part of the day in Belfast City Centre, could only shake my head at the changes and I marvelled at them. I still vividly remember the Military/Civilian searchers in Royal Avenue especially at Christmas time and the Army/Police Vehicles rumbling through the city. Tonight the City Hall sparkled; the big wheel spun; the continental market, Christmas tree & decorations were going up; the English, Scottish & Southern Irish accents mixed with our own AND it was brilliant. Do we have poliitical disagreements? Yes most certainly. Does anyone EVER AGAIN deserve to lose their lives because of them? NO NEVER the past was the past and it was rotten. Those of us who lived it don’t want it EVER AGAIN and our kids don’t deserve it. Belfast is at last a city with all the ‘normal’ problems that brings and Thank God for it.

  • KieranJ

    To people who have been subjected to scraping crumbs of bread and other leavings from the Queen’s table after supper, a loaf of bread looks like a gift from Heaven.

    The six counties belong to the Irish people and any Irishman or Irishwoman who believes differently is a Castle Catholic.

    Case closed.

  • aquifer

    ‘any Irishman or Irishwoman who believes differently is a Castle Catholic.’

    That would include the Unionists then. I’ll send the good news to Rome.

    Mind open

  • Alan -Newtownards

    If there is no need for the for the full time reserve why are they waiting until 2011 to pay them off. Why not do it now? Why should these brave people have to risk their lives going out on duty, when according to the Chief constable they are not actually needed. Give them their money, which they richly deserve and let them retire with dignity.

    I hadn’t realised that I had become a Roman Catholic never mind a castle Roman Catholic. Thanks for letting me know. Could you send me some information about what is expected of me now I’m a R.C. as I know nothing about the church. Is there a dress code in the Roman Catholic church. Do I need to bring money with me? Can I sit in any seat or do some people have their own seat? What do I call the man in charge? I have so many questions and as you probably attend every service in your church, I know you are the person to ask. God bless you my fellow catholic brother.

  • igor


    Is advocating ‘open season’ on PSNI officers acceptable here?

  • YelloSmurf

    I’m thinking, do not feed the troll.

  • igor

    Nahy…there comes a point when that isn’t good enough

  • jack flash

    Just one problem, folkd, most of the FTR are Protestant, and the PSNI currently discriminates against Protestants, so their chance of getting a job are, well, minimal.

  • DC

    The issue with using front door open regulated recruitment-ma-bob than say falling back on those district commanders’ views is that it works out like this:

    District Commanders vs Chief Constable


    Bottom Up Relevant Work Experience Officer Job Skills Versus Regulated 50:50 Top Down Approach

    In one word – politics – than say using the operational judgement of district commanders (who reckon there are some there doing a good job why bother letting them go).