Political Satire

Political satire has long been part and parcel of the world of politics.

During the Trimble years the DUP launched a series of cartoons depicting Trimble in various compromising positions.

The UUP attempted during the European election to satirise the DUP with ‘Pants on fire’.

The DUP have now launched this video: http://www.youtube.com/dupchannel?gl=GB&hl=en-GB with TUV Leader Allister in costume.

If you don’t get angry you will laugh, after all it’s only a bit of fun.

  • Mark McGregor

    I laughed a little.

  • exile

    Andrew: how many political consulting agencies have you opened up and how many of those have either ceased operating or changed name? By the way, how’s the ethnic cleansing going in Rasharkin?

  • Sean

    Which one is Turgon?

  • Paul McMahon

    Hilarious!!, (sarcasm off)

    Political satire? Christ if this is humor is it any surprise that the DUP get such a bad rep for being humorless?

  • Brendan,Belfast

    Funny? Satire? Clever?

    None of the above, a very poor attempt.

  • Rory Carr

    The very idea of the DUP (or indeed the UUP or the TUV) having the sense of nuance that is required for satire is satire in itself.

    A witty Free Presbyterian would surely be a creature that lives in contradiction of its own essential being – an impossibility.

  • couldn’t comment – shouldn’t

    Is this the big DUP fight back?

    nearly as good as their well defined, totally agreed position on the Full Time reserve.

    confirms the DUP are even losing thier ability to make people laugh – with them but not at them

  • percy

    this is much funnier:
    Jeff Foxworthy Redneck 12 Days Of Christmas

  • Muise! Tá na Aontachtaithe ag canabláil gach eile!

  • Greenflag

    Percy ,

    Foxworthy’s good but I think Father Jack a.k.a
    Frank Kelly /Gobnait O’Lunacy shades it with his edition 😉

  • Mark McGregor

    tsk and tut to those that didn’t even raise a small half smile.

    It may be sub-Benny Hill but it had charm, a little effort, innocence, an attempt at venom and it was dancing Jim Alister leprechauns FGS.

    No other party would dare experiment with such nonsense – well done the DUP.

  • Belfast Gonzo

    It’s nearly funny. Snigger value rather than belly laugh. Definitely funnier than a wet Sunday afternoon in a gospel mission hall, but it lacked the killer punch.

    Still, a first attempt. Hope Jim’s boys have some IT skills; I’d love this to become a continuing Youfeud.

  • michael

    I can barely wait for the bombayTV counter attack.

    So it’s not just our politics that is centuries behind our neighbours.