Irish Priest released in the Phillipines…

Irish priest Father Michael Sinnott has been released by his kidnappers in the Phillipines.

  • Irish Preist released in the Phillipines…

    “I before E except after C”, Eamonn.

  • John

    Horse, not quite:

    Weigh, neighbour, deity, science, eight, either, vein, veil

    That rule might need to be revised 😉

    Although, your point is correct 🙂

  • Thanks, John! There’s also ‘height’, of course.

    My ‘point’ (obtusely expressed) is that this blog needs a sub-editor.


  • Mick Fealty


    My fault. Eamonn sent the report in by text after getting the news at the same time Minister Martin got it. Eamonn is a noted Grammarian, the mistake was mine.

    Mea Maxima Culpa!

  • Duly noted, Mick, and sorry Eamonn for inadvertently impugning your grammatical skills.

    On topic, its good that Sinnott was released – it seems to have been quite a good period for Irish hostages. First Sharon Commins gets out of Darfur, and now Michael Sinnott.

  • HeadTheBall


    While we’re about it, could we note that “Philippines” should have one “l” and 2 “p”‘s.


  • MIndanao

    An Irish priest form Co Waterford was shot dead there some years ago. The Irish Colombans do great work there. And have suffered hugely accordingly. And all the emasculated w–kers can talk about is spelling. Sums you up really.

  • HeadTheBall

    “..have suffered hugely ……all the emasculated w—kers can talk about is spelling”

    We have suffered a great deal more ourselves in these parts over recent years and with no greater justification, so why don’t you just go fuck yourself?

  • RepublicanStones

    Baggsie Gene Hackman for the movie role….any takers?

  • horsey van hoydonk

    “We have suffered a great deal more ourselves in these parts over recent years”

    yeah you had it worse than the Phillipines, MEDS TIME MEDS TIME… idiot

  • HeadTheBall

    horsey van hoydonk

    Missed the point, shit-for-brains. To see one priest whacked is deplorable, but having witnessed our own slaughter of the innocents over 3 decades plus we don’t need some prissy fuck taking umbrage at our harmless word games, etc.

  • Dave

    Ladies, there is more to modern Irish Republicanism life than mastering the grammar of the language of the colonial oppressor. Take It Was Sammy etc, for example, he properly expresses his contempt for colonial cultural imposition by engaging in a relentless assault on the rules of the English language.

  • Sean McEntee


    For your information, tens of thousands have been killed in Mindanao. There was a good Unreported World piece on it recently.

    Your comments are not unly unhelpful and most probably in breach of the rules but down right ignorant as well. I doubt you have suffered all that much or even know what suffering is.If you travelled, you would see how petty you are.

  • HeadTheBall

    Sean McEntee,

    I value all worthwhile corrections, even where couched in condescending and downright presumptuous terms such as your own. The phrase originally used was: “..Irish Colombans do great work there. And have suffered hugely accordingly”. This comment is visibly not about the people of the Philippines but about an Irish order. For these people I have the greatest respect but I will not be denied a little gramarian sparring by obscurantist gobshites like you (“.. I doubt you have suffered..”). The fuck would you know?

  • HeadTheBall

    “gramarian” should have been “grammarian” (sorry, that’s probably petty).

  • Sean McEntee

    HeadThe Ball

    Actually, quite a lot of Pinays are pricks. Again, if you knew how politics in the Philippines worked, you would know that. The Colombans are often the target of death squads. During the battle of Manila, they stayed with their parishioners and were massacred along with htem by both the Americans and Japanese. Several have also been killed in Korea.

    Fr Rufus Halley of Waterford paid the ultimate price there, killed by Muslim hotheads who did not know he was a good guy. No doubt Sinnott, old and sick, was released for similar reasons. But with self pitying ignoramuses like you, I guess we cannot point fingers at the MILF and its off shoots.
    The Columbans were et up during the Great War to convert China. Say what one likes, at least they thought big. Something small minded self centred w–kers could never be accused of.

    Now if you have nothing to contribute…

  • The Columbans were et up during the Great War to convert China

    The ‘Great War to convert China’? you’re joking, I hope?

    If that is really what they are doing in Asia, then I wish them total failure and urge them to come home. This is just cultural and religious imperialism, not ‘helping the poor’.

  • Tochais Si­oraí

    Onwards Christian Soldiers and all that.

    I think he meant WW1, Horse.

  • HeadTheBall

    “Now if you have nothing to contribute…”

    Matter of fact I have. I logged on again to offer you an apology because I thought I had been a bit heated in my response to your earlier post, only to find you outdoing me in vitriol. You bear an honourable name, Sean McEntee. Try to live up to it.

    Let me take you back. The boys were engaged in a little light-hearted badinage about each other’s spelling and so on when Mindanao weighed in to call us “emasculated w—kers” for so doing (takes one to know one, they say). Apparently a single death in the Philippines is enough to close down all resort to levity. Well we don’t live that way in Belfast, so suck it all in.

    Next we have a contribution from Horsey van Donk, whose only problem is that (s)he cannot read. (S)he interprets my comment about a single death in the Philippines as making light of the suffering of the Philippine people as a whole. Remedial reading classes will no doubt sort that out.

    Then there’s you, whom I read as a good-hearted person, but there’s: “self pitying ignoramuses like you”. I suppose I earned that by calling you a “gobshite”, and for that I apologise, again. Fact is, though, I have no reason for self-pity and don’t indulge. I think you are a right-thinking person, but do you have to be so totally humourless?

  • OK, Tochais Sioraͭ, I see it now … “set up”, not “et up” (that’s the old dialect distracting me again!).

    Are they still over there trying to convert the heathens, though?

  • Sean McEntee

    Horseman et al

    For your information: The Columbans were set up during the Great War. They aimed for China (= big), not Ireland (= tiny).

    Like any group, you get different factions, old guard, new guard, Irish way, modern way etc. They are not all that interested in conversions now but have moved on to human rights issues. The plight of two of their members in Negros made Charlie Bird famous.

    Of all the groups operating in the Philippines, they are one of the most honourable. One of the reasons why the names of their members often grace death squad lists.

    The Philippines usually tops the lists of journalists assassinated. A God forsaken land.

    Before attacking them any more, I suggest you read up on them a bit. True religion, incidentally, is often a capital offence.