Its called racism folks.

Its nasty, it is hatred, inspired by ignorance. It seeks to promote ignorance and hatred beyond itself in order to make the world a worse place – to bring it down to its own level.

I have never, and clearly will never understand why a large section of ‘unionism’ seeks to maximise the vote for a united Ireland and seeks to alienate the maximum number of people possible from the ‘United Kingdom’. I am clearly not supposed to understand.

Whatever this unionism is about, it is not about a union with Britain.

It is not about being ‘British’ either, I know. I know British people from Britain. Most of whom do not talk like that.

What is it about then? Explain to the Tadhg.

UPDATE : ‘TUV sorry for “leprechaun” slur’ – BBC

Who says blogging can’t change anything? We have to graciously acknowledge this apology from Jim Allister in my view. This is progress, and I for one am grateful for it. It is possible to discuss things and to disagree without trying to be offensive.

Heads up to “Big Bopper”.