DUP Arts Minister enters the blogosphere…

JUDGING from the number of comments (zero) no-one seems to have noticed that our esteemed DUP Culture, Arts and Leisure Minister has now been blogging for more than two weeks. The site is called Nelson’s View, so perhaps they’re turning a blind eye to it (groan!) Mr McCausland admits to having been a Cliftonville supporter and seems to have resolved the thorny question of whether Ulster Scots is a language or a dialect. (It’s not a particularly convincing argument, but fair play for taking the plunge into the blogosphere.)

  • joeCanuck

    What a rubbishy site. I’m not in the least surprised that there are no comments. I spent 15 minutes typing a reasoned reply to his misperceptions regardimg “languages”, only to have it disappear into the ether blackhole.
    Never again.

    Submit word is also “never”. hehehehehe

  • aquifer

    Did Belfast City Council ever make that decision on the incinerator?

  • Nelson’s blog is interesting, pleasant in tone and forward looking… and then we get this..

    “The year 1904 was a good year for the Jewish community in Belfast with the opening of the synagogue and the honour of a Jewish Lord Mayor. Unfortunately the experience of the Jewish community in Limerick in that year was rather different and a Redemptorist priest, Fr John Creagh, led an anti-semitic pogrom which drove many Jews out of the city.”

    He just couldn’t resist putting the orange boot in and pick the only significant anti-semitic incident in Irish history. And for what purpose?

    To take a dig at the South.
    To take a dig at the Catholic church.

    Come on, Nelson. Crawl out of the swamp once in a while without spitting venom.

  • Sam Flanagan

    Thanks for the info about Nelson`s site. I have just palced the following comment on the article “first Clinton then more controversy” article.

    Hi Nelson,
    I commend you for the stand you have taken on this issue. Although declaring you would not attend an RCC church service, what is your situation regarding apostate “Protestant denominations, ” such as COI, IP and Methodists etc?

    I notice your site has of yet no public declaration against any proposed visit by The Antichrist or as some folk seem to think “An Antichrist.” When will you be publicly declaring your opposition?

    Will Peter be removed as leader before or after the next election? You know it makes sense!
    As they say in Ulster/Scots “Shalom”

  • loki

    subtitle- “the minister’s pen”??!! Is he serious?
    Seems a bit impressed with himself does our Nelson. Pride and fall come to mind.

    Submit word “position” ho ho

  • For someone so opposed to the Irish language, you’d imagine that he’d take more pride is his own (English) language. The title of his very first blog entry is:

    The Sash their Mother’s Wore

    Their mother’s what wore? Their mother’s husbands? Their mother’s cat?

    Hint, Nelson, the plural of ‘mother’ is ‘mothers’

  • Nelson also draws attention to a SF motion in the Assembly on the day of the Clinton visit:

    Mr O’Dowd: I beg to move that this Assembly calls on the Minister of Culture, Arts and Leisure to withdraw his statement that he will “not attend a service in a Catholic Church”; further calls on the Minister to recognise that such a refusal to attend a Catholic Church service from an executive Minister has no place in an inclusive society, and that as an executive Minister he has a duty to serve, respect and engage with all sections of society regardless of their religious background.

    Has it been missed by Slugger bloggers much as the attempt to control the reporting of Parliament was missed?

  • Belfast Gonzo

    Neither were ‘missed’, just no-one blogged about them. Including yourself.

  • BG, I put up the Guardian link on Slugger but I’ve only just read Nelson’s reference to the SF motion.

    I’d have thought that at least one Slugger blogger would have been jumping up and down re. Parliament reporting affair.

    BTW I’m not a Slugger blogger, just a humble member of the commentariat 🙂

  • Belfast Gonzo

    I was looking forward to reading about all these events on NALIL, which I presume was up and running during these events (unlike Slugger), but couldn’t find anything. Were they missed?


  • Now, now, BG, NALIL stories are mainly about, er, north Antrim 🙂

    Did you enjoy the one about the ‘Marconi Cottage’ gaffe and the ‘foreign’ one from Stormont’s Room 401? You boys in Belfast must be asleep 🙂

  • I would have though the NA would have alerted Gonzo, Nevin. But putting in the LI should have been a clincher.

  • Horseman, anyone who would ‘plunge into the blogosphere’ needs to be warned that the water isn’t that deep 🙂

  • Deep enough for sharks to swim in, though, Nevin!


  • Danny O’Connor

    Nelson’s Column? A nasty symbol of imperialism.

  • Danny O’Connor

    Nevin ,maybe room 101 would be more appropriate 🙂

  • Reader

    Danny O’Connor: Nelson’s Column? A nasty symbol of imperialism.
    But Nelson helped to defeat an Empire.

  • Danny, IPT, the Westminster equivalent of NIABT, meets in Suite 101 🙂

  • DerTer

    The pompous Mr O’Dowd might do well to consult his elders, whereupon he will discover that for many years the Roman Catholic church, along with the the Orange Order and the ostensibly less judgemental Church of Ireland, forbade their members – under pain of sin, exclusion, excommunication or whatever – to attend services in another church which was or might be seen as being in what they considered to be ‘error’. I remember my mother being mortified that she had to lurk outside because it was not permissible for her to enter the church where a dear friend of hers was being married.

  • bobo

    nelson n his late mate george seawright never got planing permission for their incenorater does he ever take a reddner he agreed with george all taigs shud b incenerated but poor george fell at the last hurdle courtsty of the iplo this man if u could call him a man is now claming expenses of us at least dick turpin wore a mask

  • RepublicanStones

    Was Nelson mates with George ‘Soft spot’ Seawright?

  • bobo

    to republican stone were do u think nelson learnd his scots irish or wat ever he calls it from watch u tube the bould nelson boo hooin over innocent georges grave never a better crap n the ground not playin the man here a convicted terrorist wonder if we called a kids football ground the seawright belsen memorial park wud he refuse it funding short memories

  • Seawright Wasright

    I don’t think trying to imply McCausland was in any way connected with the late George Seawright is going to win any arguments. Just the usual nazionalist propaganda claims.

    The Roman Catholic “church” teaches that all Protestants are heretics, and will therefore burn in hell. Thankfully, members of the Christian faith know better.

  • Greenflag

    Nevin ,

    ‘just a humble member of the commentariat 🙂

    as opposed to others on here who could be members of the ‘commissariat’ and I’m not referring to Comrade Stalin

  • Greenflags

    ‘The Roman Catholic “church” teaches that all Protestants are heretics, and will therefore burn in hell. ‘

    In the 17th century perhaps . Not any more. Presently the doctine of the Church is that very very very very very good Protestants of which there are mercifully only a very few will be allowed past the pearly gates to enjoy an eternity of harp strumming , hallelujahs and hosannahs etc for eternity .

    The RC Church has come a long way in recent decades . They now accept that the Sun is at the centre of the Solar System and that evolution is a fact of life and that the Earth is several billion years old .

    Meanwhile back at the ‘enlightened ‘ Church of Mervyn Storey and other DUP latter day creationists it’s still believed that the Earth is a mere 6,000 years old and that man was created specially by God and that evolution is a bunch of twaddle believed only by 99.99999% of the world’s scientific community .

  • 6countyprod

    Thanks for the heads-up.

    Some interesting and obviously informed comments on his blog. More than I can say about some of the comments here. Way to go Nelson!

  • Richard Aardvark

    Quite pathetic the attempts to link McCausland and Seawright.

    I think it’s important that we don’t forget anti-semitic pogroms, the support of senior Shinners for them or indeed the anti-semetic bile published by the Nazi collaborating Republicans during the Second World War.

  • YelloSmurf

    nelson n his late mate george seawright never got planing permission for their incenorater does he ever take a reddner he agreed with george all taigs shud b incenerated but poor george fell at the last hurdle courtsty of the iplo this man if u could call him a man is now claming expenses of us at least dick turpin wore a mask< \em>

    And for those of us whose first language is English?

  • Seimi

    What he meant, Yellosmurf, was:-

    ‘nelson n his late smurf george smurfwright never got planing permission for their smurforater does he ever take a smurfner he agreed with george all smurfs shud b incenerated but poor george fell at the last smurf courtsty of the iplo this smurf if u could call him a smurf is now claming expenses of us at least dick smurfpin wore a smurf’

    Is that any clearer?


  • Fabianus

    Seimi and Yellosmurf

    Thanks for the smurfs-up.

    Actually, since you’re being such great guides to the intricacies of Slugger O’Toole, perhaps you could explain to me why the comments above yours (by “6countyprod” and “Richard Aardvark”) dovetail so beautifully, yet…

    The first comment seems to have been posted after the second. I’m totally besmurfed as to how this can be.

  • Fabianus

    Sorry, just realised they were posted on different days! Am I a smurf or am I am smurf?

  • Steven Gerrrrraaaaarrrrrddddd

    “anti-semitic pogroms,”???

    Are you sure you are not mixing Limerick’s one with Liverpool’s the latest of which was in 1947 la?