Hiya Hillary, goodbye guns – not that the two are connected…

WITH the remit of the weapons decommissioning body set to run out early next year, there are, it seems, moves afoot within two republican groups towards disarmament. The INLA is expected to make a statement within hours, while the Official IRA is reported to have held talks with General de Chastelain.

The news comes as Hillary Clinton states that: “To me terrorism is terrorism. Those who would try to disrupt the peace of people going about their daily lives are out of step and out of time.” Clinton flies in to Dublin today, and with today’s news there can be no excuses about landing under sniper fire – but hopefully she’ll have the sense and grace not to claim the decommissioning moves as one of her successes.

UPDATE: The INLA statement renouncing violence has been released.

  • Mark McGregor

    From the IRSP website:


    The INLA and IRSP were formed in 1974 in order to create a 32 County Socialist Republic. In those 35 years military volunteers and political activists have fought with courage and honour and have struck at the heart of the British military and political machine in Ireland and in Britain. The INLA is a key constituency within the Republican Socialist Movement (RSM). The INLA recognised that its struggle was based upon two distinct phases:

    (1) Armed Resistance
    (2) Political Organisation

    In 1994 the INLA put in place a no first strike policy and in 1998 called a complete cease-fire. Both of these decisions were based on its political analysis and monitoring of the changing military and political environment. The recent progress on loyalist decommissioning can be traced back to the INLA’s “no first strike policy” of 1994 and the INLA acknowledges this progressive step by loyalism.

    The RSM has been informed by the INLA that following a process of serious debate, consultation and analysis, it has concluded that the armed struggle is over and the objective of a 32 County Socialist Republic will be best achieved through exclusively peaceful political struggle.

    The RSM agree with this analysis and are fully supportive of the move to build a left wing party that has a clear objective of a 32 County Socialist Republic based on the principles of equality, justice, inclusion, human rights and dignity.

    It is within the above objective that the RSM opposed the Good Friday Agreement and continues to do so. We as a movement believe that the Six County State is not a viable political entity, which cannot be reformed and fitted into a flawed two State solution.

    The RSM has always aspired to the principle of the primacy of politics as espoused by Ta Power.

    The future struggles are political. We urge all comrades, members, volunteers and supporters to join the political struggle ahead with the same vigour, commitment and courage that was evident in our armed struggle against the British State.

    To para-phrase James Connolly ‘let us arise’, build a left political alternative in Ireland and support the struggle against global capitalism.

    Ultimately our allegiance is to the working class, onwards to victory.

  • Joe Reid

    Breaking news this morning that the INLA will announce the end of their war today and will disband. Great news if it means no murders in the future by these gangsters and the intellectual group that control them. Is it now possible that they will reveal the truth about the killing of Mary Reid in January 2003.

  • FCO: “Following the press conference Hillary Clinton was continuing for talks with Prime Minister Gordon Brown at his residence Chequers and then travelling on to Northern Ireland.”

    Has no-one told the FCO that Hillary’s stopping off in Dublin for a pint and a …?

  • Gerry Mander

    And the non existing Oficial IRA are going to give up their guns too. That only leaves the Brits and their UFF/UVF dirty tricks dept to go.

    ps: Shame about Boyzown

  • Thereyouarenow

    Nice to see the real boss’s representative come here to show this shower what to do.

  • http://republicans-revealed.blogspot.com/

    please help with my project on dissident republicanism?

    thanks 🙂

  • Pancho’s Horse

    The FWA mustn’t have met the reserve bid this time for the IRA’s guns. Why did they not sit tight and shut up?

  • Rory Carr

    The INLA to give up the gun? Doesn’t this mean that they will no longer be able to shoot each other in disputes over ‘liberated’ money and arguments inflamed by socialist sexual jealousy*?

    Perhaps they have been influenced by eco-movement ideology and will now resort to marmalising each other with shillelaghs which will not only be traditional but, since the weapons will be constructed from pruned wood or deadfall, will be beneficial to the maintenance of hedgerows and their dependent wildlife.
    *Socialist sexual jealousy – don’t ask me, I’m totally naive about these matters.

  • wild turkey

    Hilary knows the score

    Perhaps she can convince some, and all, that we come very briefly to this place

  • Rory (South Derry)

    Oh don’t make me laugh!!!!

    “Guns gone from Gangsters” is what this should be titled

    These Scumbags have done nothing to promote the armed struggle since Gino Gallagher died

    They are the biggest drug dealers in Dublin while they pretend to be anti-drugs!

    Tallaght is full of vermin from Belfast who are or were INLA (so called activists)

  • NCM

    That’s funny, I thought it’s the UNofficial IRA that has the guns….

  • susan

    What exactly did you want them to do to “promote the armed struggle”? Rory (South Derry). You never seem to quite get down to specifics on that.

    I welcome the statements from the INLA and the IRSP. I think it is useful they are saying republicans do not have to be pro-SF or even pro-Agreement to find the murders of the two sappers and Officer Carroll last spring, the 600 pound fertiliser bomb left near family homes outside Forkhill less than helpful to the needs of the working class and the cause of a united Ireland.

    Something to be said for a broader, more inclusive, less fascistic tent to piss into.