Mallie’s poopy scoop

Slugger’s very own eye on the hill, Eamonn Mallie, brings us news of an awful stink at Parliament Buildings.

One hell of a stink is being investigated in the basement of Parliament Buildings. Needless to say the powers that be would not like such a pong hanging around the building so close to the visit of a former First Lady….

…. Hilary Clinton would be well advised to stay clear of the Press area of Parliament Buildings. Apart from mice the ratpack might be ready to trap her. !!

  • DC

    I like Stormont the same way I like old country homes and estates like those in Fermanagh etc, but it’s a bit grand internally for the people that populate it and too big and arrogant in size given the little useful, if not non-existant, good ideas that come out of it.

    It also sits snobbishly upon high with its front turned away, like the thumbing of ones nose, from Belfast.

    It should be closed and removed from public funding expense if possible in any way with something smaller and cheaper arranged closer to the city. Cheaper for the cheap.

  • aquifer

    Yes that one mile strip of tree-lined asphalt should be lined with deluxe apartments.

    Imperial Drive, a Robinson McGuinness development comprising tall storys, grand entrances, superfast elevators, a treasury turnkey lock in package with guaranteed repayments and 24 hour securocraty.

    Room to entertain with an international flavour, expectations are raised and budgets are stretched, conversation is subtly subdued, finishes are always forthcoming and delivery exceeding all expectation. Your first and last chance to acquire an exclusive saloon where old style traditions are flushed with modern convenience.

    Why struggle on the street when you can live large on Imperial Drive.

    Free carpets and curtains.

  • oisineire

    Is this a bad omen? 😉
    It seems that there are a few bad smells coming out of Stormont in the run up to Clinton’s visit…

  • Dave

    “No one was drawing a conclusion from the fact that the smell was emanating from the communications room next door to the Assembly press office.”

    NIO press releases and the media pack are comprised of bullshit and horseshit disseminated by chickenshits. Of course it stinks.

  • Dave

    Stormont* press releases, too.

  • noel adams

    It is not from the nethet regions of the assembley but from one of the former

    It is not from the basement but from a former chair today Iris Robinson accused trade unionist of bias if you want to know how unbised her viwes are serch
    mark devenports blog for Iris and the f word a personal rant that tied up and embaressed social services and PSNI officers that were there to answer questions on child protection.
    Over a mumber of years i have seen lots of chairs at work but this case was the worst waste of space.

  • joeCanuck

    Putrified Parliament?

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