Money well spent?

The Irish Times has the self-declared amounts spent by the various parties and groups on the Lisbon II campaign.

AT LEAST €3.5 million was spent by the main groups campaigning for and against the Lisbon Treaty, while the Referendum Commission spent under €4 million. Political parties said they spent about €1.47 million, including contributions from European Parliament groups, while various civil society groups and corporations revealed spending of about €2 million.

From the IT report

The cost: what the main groups spent


Fianna Fail €500,000

Fine Gael €300,000

Labour €200,000

Green Party €13,000

Ireland for Europe €500,000

Ryanair just under €500,000

Intel €300,000

We Belong €250,000

Ibec €150,000

Generation Yes €30,000


Cóir €250,000

UKIP €190,000

Libertas €100,000-€120,000

Sinn Féin €100,000

Socialist Party €55,000-€60,000 No To Lisbon €30,000

People’s Movement €20,000

People Before Profit Alliance

under €10,000

National Platform €3,000


Referendum Commission under €4 million

Department of Foreign Affairs €700,000

European Commission at least €150,000

Figures supplied by individual parties and groups

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  • Kathy C

    posted by Kathy Collins

    So, sinn fein spent 100,000.00 on the NO campaing…I wonder how much they have within the last few months spent on United Ireland Campaign…now that would speak volumes…eh?

  • 1916 man

    Given the vested interest groups, the Dept of Foreign Affairs, Ryaniar, MI5 etc, the democrats (the Nos) did well.

    Good to see the UKIP and IRA bonding.

  • OC

    Wow, Irish politics is a bargain!

  • Caoimhin

    Honestly every1 is cryin over the money spent. my problem is that there shudn’t have been a second vote which cost this amount of money. the second vote was being pushed by the government as they wanted a ‘yes’ vote and if the result came back ‘no’ there most likely would hav been another vote a few years down the line, costing more money, this being partly Sinn Fein’s motive not to spend like the others knowing what was going to happen. The ROI is a shambols, it needs the north of ireland not europe. 26+6=1