Money well spent?

The Irish Times has the self-declared amounts spent by the various parties and groups on the Lisbon II campaign.

AT LEAST €3.5 million was spent by the main groups campaigning for and against the Lisbon Treaty, while the Referendum Commission spent under €4 million. Political parties said they spent about €1.47 million, including contributions from European Parliament groups, while various civil society groups and corporations revealed spending of about €2 million.

From the IT report

The cost: what the main groups spent


Fianna Fail €500,000

Fine Gael €300,000

Labour €200,000

Green Party €13,000

Ireland for Europe €500,000

Ryanair just under €500,000

Intel €300,000

We Belong €250,000

Ibec €150,000

Generation Yes €30,000


Cóir €250,000

UKIP €190,000

Libertas €100,000-€120,000

Sinn Féin €100,000

Socialist Party €55,000-€60,000 No To Lisbon €30,000

People’s Movement €20,000

People Before Profit Alliance

under €10,000

National Platform €3,000


Referendum Commission under €4 million

Department of Foreign Affairs €700,000

European Commission at least €150,000

Figures supplied by individual parties and groups