“I’m taking the British Prime Minister at his word.”

After UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s visit today the BBC reports that Tuesday will see further talks in Downing St on the devolution of justice powers and ‘stability’. The iol report has more comprehensive quotes. From the Northern Ireland deputy First Minister, Sinn Féin’s Martin McGuinness – “I’m taking the British Prime Minister at his word, he is saying this process, this negotiation, will not fail on account of the funding issues”. And from the NI First Minister

Mr Robinson today rejected Sinn Féin claims that he was stalling on a deal to appease “angry men” in his ranks. “I have not seen any angry men in the DUP,” he said. “I have seen some irritable characters in Sinn Féin.” He added: “I am prepared and can work with anybody who has the same goals, which are to make the Assembly and Executive work for the benefit of Northern Ireland. “I was not elected to be a buddy for Martin McGuinness, I was elected to work with him and that is why I am here.”

Or, as the DUP’s Gregory Campbell told Stormont Live, “Chill out and relax.” Same time tomorrow, then? But do they have anything to say about what they want to do with those powers?