Assembly notes

Couple of things stand out from yesterday on the Hill.

First was the umpteenth defeat of the Minister for Education on the 11plus. It’s a bad situation when a Minister is continuously defeated, has lost the confidence of the house (on both sides) and is still able to continue on regardless.

Second was the language directed at Martin McGuinness by the DUP during question time – he was described As ‘the Deputy’. Is it right that members should be allowed use terms which are loaded and have such obviously sectarian undertones in a place that is meant to respect mandates, and tolerate difference? This might be something the Speaker should return to with a firm ruling on what is and is not appropriate.

I was blogging about the generation gap between our MLAs and the rest of the population yesterday. The events of yesterday will do little to convince ordinary people that this is an Assembly for everyone in the North of Ireland.