Cameron now looking to Czechs to save his euroscepticism

David Cameron’s last hope of a referendum in the UK now rests with a belligerent Czech President who is defying his own parliament by refusing to sign the Lisbon Treaty. This is so because the Tory leader has said he will only call a referendum if the Treaty has still not been ratified by all member states if and when he becomes Prime Minister.

Gavin Hewitt on his blog says the Tories may have left it too late;

But the Czech president today sent a message that in a sense was telling the Tories not to depend on a Czech delay. He said that after today’s referendum “there will never be another referendum in Europe”. He was then asked whether he had a message for Britain. “I am afraid,” he replied, “that the people of Britain should have been doing something really much earlier and not just now, too late, saying something and waiting for my decision”.