Blogburst: Gordon’s flesh wound and the President’s manic depressive maltese terrier…

Okay, kicking off I’m afraid with another Gordon Brown blog, this time from Angus in the western Isle’s whose response to the Labour leaders call to arms is to post up Monty Python’s Black Knight video…- Unnoticed in all the self promoted hype around the Sun’s defection from Brown is another, politically more significant defection: that of Sue Nye, one of Brown’s ‘inner court’ who has made it clear she does not want to be around next May when the action starts…

– And twisting the blade, Shane’s a got caption competition going

– (Via Guido) Another YouTube this time Boris Johnson getting some free publicity on East Enders (yeah, right Boris is going to stop in to the East End for one pint and one pint only)….

– Iain Dale’s getting up a head of steam in his campaign against the decidedly illiberal Mail for calling him ‘overtly gay’ in the run up to a Conservative Open Primary in Bracknell (though I suspect it was the accusation that Iain was using his blog to ‘pack’ the assembly that may have stung the more)…

(Via Stephenspillane) Stephen Tall supports him in his campaign against the Mail… (Though I note Tom Watson is keeping a discreet silence having been himself a recent victim of the Mail…)

– And this nonsense from the same paper which is pro-Cervical cancer vaccine in Ireland (because the government is against it, presumably)…

– BTW, Iain has absolutely no faith in the Irish people to make the right decision today…

– Future Taoiseach over on Irish Election picks up an allegation that the German Ambassador has be ‘pressurising’ the Czech Constitutional Court Chairman Pavel Rychetsky to make an early decision on the constitutionality of the Czech parliament’s ratification of the Lisbon Treaty.

– And David Vance has this: Pope favours Nation State Shocker

– Those of you who followed the Lisbon Essays will understand that a Eurosceptic line of thought is not intrinsically left or right… Sholto Byrnes puts it into a mainstream British context

– Martin Kettle warns David Cameron about the need to get with the CDU project

– I’m hoping to make it to the Personal Democracy Forum in Barcelona, to talk about some of the work we’ve been doing on Slugger recently, not least the Lisbon Essays… Over on the website they carry news of the new online Tory vote winning machine:… It’s modelled on the, and focuses almost entirely on front facing campaign work… (expect something similar to emerge from Fianna Fail after their engage engagement with Blue State Digital?)

– The Samosa’s a brand new British Asian blog and comment site… The start balance is left of centre, and the aim to create an inclusive public conversation which will draw on writers from across Britain, India, Bangladesh and Pakistan…

– In a break from Irish Election’s coverage of Lisbon, P O’Neill remembers that glorious moment after the Rome EU summit of 1990 which lead to the inglorious fall of a British PM in Paris, just weeks later…

– John Barry writing at Tasc’s blog ahead of a conference (PDF) in Dublin tomorrow week, notes that some neo classical economists did not get the memo on remoralising the market

– Dog bites man former President of France… From which is almost all you need to know is:

Mrs Chirac noted the dog had never turned against her…

– And Gore Vidal continuing his life long war on stupidity, mostly that of his fellow countrymen:

“Americans? The worst-educated people in the First World. They don’t have any thoughts, they have emotional responses, which advertisers know how to provoke.”


  • OC

    Re Gore Vidal: What a snot. He single because he can’t find anybody willing to never disagree with him.

  • Only asking

    Dale got pretty upset over the daily mail thingymagig. You forgot to mention he got hoaxed into thinking he got an apology of Hardcastle, when he did not, instead Hardcastle came in for a second go on the next day, saying he shall have to grow a thicker skin. LOL he will. I don’t believe Dale is overtly gay, but he is more open about it than say Mandelson who never talks about it, hence no one else does either. Dales not very in your face gay, but he did try to rally those who read pink news which seemed to start the whole thing off.

    I rather enjoyed reading it.

  • Here’s a local caption thingy and, perhaps, a fortuitous time for the planning service to have a change of mind – around Christmas.