“and we have to have the community confidence”

As the BBC reports. Gordon Brown may have told the Labour Party Conference that “we want to see [the devolution of policing and justice to the people of Northern Ireland] happen in the next few months”, but as one of those who have to agree to that move reminded UTV’s Ken Reid [Corrected quote]

The First Minister also told UTV’s Political Editor Ken Reid that he will not be pushed by a December deadline into devolving policing and justice. “I would like to have [had] this resolved before the summer, I would like to have it resolved [before] the end of [this] year, I would like to have it resolved before the next election, I want to get it done as soon as it is sensible to do it, but the ingredients that make up that decision [are] that we have to have the right constitutional institutional arrangements, we have to have the right financial arrangement and we have to have the community confidence,” [Peter Robinson] said.

Which is as it was. Waaay back when.. And Eamonn Mallie has some gossip insider briefings.
Adds Here’s the clip from UTV Live

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  • kensei


    Still no curiosity as to what “community confidence” actually entails?

    ” A lot of things have to be resolved. Sinn Fein need not think we are going to accept how they’re behaving on parades.
    “Education hasn’t been resolved either to our satisfaction.”

    Which is neat and all, but I’m unsure exactly what that has to do with Unionist confidence in policing?

    Which is as it was.

    Nope. Things have clearly moved on from before. And if Robinson is having difficulty with his own party, there is clearly pressure coming form somewhere. Plus we have no idea what way things would have panned out had SF applied no pressure. You only assume it made no difference to the timescales.

    Anyway, like others glad when this is done, and we don’t have to suffer this anymore.

  • Itwas SammyMcNally whatdoneit

    Having been marching his troops up to to the top of the hill and telling them last week that he was ready to sell the transfer once the financials were in place is Robbo now suggesting he is going to march them back down again?

    if so, those that told him that he shouldnt have made the march at all i.e. the TUV, will with some justification point out, that it was a bad misjudgement. He will also have to defy the British government who clearly now want things done quickly.

    Unionism does just seem to love plunging itelf into crisis.

  • Itwas SammyMcNally whatdoneit


    It struck me as slightly strange use of language that Robbo would say “we have to have the right constitutional arrangements” – it sounds to me that he actually says is “right institutional arrangements” – UTV appear to have written it down incorrectly.

  • Sounds like institutional to me too, Sammy.

  • fin

    whatever about accusations of the UUP jumping too soon, the DUP have most definitely jumped the shark with P&J, its confidence, its confidence and finance, its confidence, finance, Marches and education, whats it going to be next week, its the Corrie omnibus, finance, education, brown sauce, …..