If you want to see a comedian die on his arse youve got to see a gig up north man…

Mad, bad, and dangerous to know… That’s us, btw…

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  • feck off

    Cue howls of derision and dismay from Pete ‘Satirist’ Baker.

    (cf his reaction to Dewi’s piece last night.)

  • Bemused

    This chap (Maxwell) really is a cock. His grating LA valley-speak and perma-teen slacker schtick really get my goat. Tommy Tiernan could fart him off the stage.

  • Only Asking.

    I thought it was funny. His Belfast accent is spot on.

  • Dave

    Mildy amusing, but never tell the same joke twice (as he caught himself doing re Londonderry).

  • Only Asking

    re Londonderry

    Dave? I don’t believe you are dave, you are an imposter, or a bad comedian – which?

  • Dave

    Only Asking, it’s part of the joke that he told twice (or was about to) – the reaction that an English comedian would get from a Derry audience when he uses a name for the city that is technically correct but politically wrong. The innocent abroad, so to speak.

  • Coll Ciotach

    It was shite

  • RepublicanStones

    Hes good on the panel, not so sure about his solo repertoire.

    Anyone see his show about a gig on the falls and shankill on the same night…I missed it.

  • Intelligence Insider

    Is this guy supposed to be funny? If he intends making his fortune in comedy he needs to think again! Just strikes me that all he makes me think of is why I’m glad I’m British and not Oirish.

  • RepublicanStones

    So a bad comedian made you reassert the reasons for your identity? Bit insecure are you?
    But hey, love the way you wirte Irish with an O, what a way to assert ones identity.

  • borderline

    He’s all right for a prod

  • Intelligence Insider

    No RS, just the fact that he was a shite comedian from the failure that is the republic of ireland. That was what made me , personally, thankful that I belonged to the United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland. No doubt British comedians like Frank Carson make you glad to be Irish though! lol.

  • Joe

    A northerner branding the republic a failure.

    Now [i]thats[/i] comedy.

  • RepublicanStones

    Intelligence, watching bad comedians make me think one of two things, either Im glad i didn’t pay into see this, or im sorry i did. To decide the merits of being your particular nationality because of whether some idiot does or doesn’t raise a few laughs to a crowd is one of the funniest things i have ever heard. Based upon that logic the whole of Britain must be mourning the fact they’re British because of Jimmy Carr.

  • Gav

    The hysterical mopery that passes for a reaction to this spot is enlightening. Andrew Maxwell has a typical Dublin accent, I would guess it is fairly central Northside Dublin. He is a very good comedian, and captures what others think about Northern Ireland perfectly. If you can’t cope with that, you need to ask yourself why.

    He also takes the piss out of everything else, us Dubs included, and we don’t have a problem with that. It is called a sense of humour. Try it, you might solve a few of your problems. I won’t hold my breath though.


  • DR

    hey it wasnt bad lads, he at least seems to have been up here to make those observations, like them or not. Although maybe he has too much of the Dub cockiness which would have you almost wishing he would die on his arse, which reminds me of a wee story….
    Was at comedy club in New Zealand with a mate, the guy on stage was dire and offensive, so fair game in my book and my mate started heckling him, the “comedian” didnt like that at all and thought he would turn the tables, announced to everyone, this guy thinks hes funny lets see if he can do any better, went up to my mate and went “so Mr where you from?” thinking it would we good for a few cheap gags, my mate goes “Belfast” in the hardest belfast accent he could do, the colour jsut drained from the guys face, eventually he recovered enough to try again, ack your Orish, you must be a catholic then… was just lining up his peadophile jokes im sure, my mate goes nah im a Prod, you got a problem with that?
    He got back on stage and tried to go back to his act, which was even worse than before.

  • Tochais Si­orai­

    RS, going by his passport Jimmy Carr is em, Irish.

  • RepublicanStones

    TS, he was born in England was he not? Plus don’t some nepaleze guys with funny knives hold british passports?

    If the Jimmy Carr thing doesn’t work, delete and insert, Jo Brand or anyone you wish. The logic is still stupid.

  • kensei

    Ha! and he got the accent spot on.

    I used to go to the Empire almost every week when I was living up that direction. Watching a comedian die is the world’s most painful experience. The Empire is particularly bad for it. People don’t heckle. That always gives a comedian a chance tor ecover. They just start getting louder, and louder and louder and the comedian becomes beneath notice. I get hideously embarrassed for them. It’s like, please be funny, for me, please……

  • Seimi

    I thought it was very funny, and he gets the accent pretty well.

  • Danny Boy

    Speaking of English comedians dying on their arses up here, was anyone else at the Féile comedy night this year? Mark Steele’s brief performance seems to have been expunged from the records – no write-ups anywhere, no Andytown News pictures, and they photograph every gathering of more than three people in West Belfast.

  • lurker

    Not bad. A lot better than I expected after Intelligence Insider’s comments.

    Tell me then, Intelligence (can I call you that?), do you wonder how it is that there are one or two Oirish comedians very successfully plying their trade in your beloved motherland?

    Also, could you develop the rather gratuitously offensive point about the Republic of Ireland being a failure just a little? Thanks.