“I captured my first Kerry animal a few years ago…”

There’s a football in Croke Park this Sunday, apparently… Meanwhile, down on the Cork/Kerry border… H/T Vic in Amsterdam…


  • percy

    Brilliant! more

  • Itwas SammyMcNally whatdoneit

    Cork, rebel county? – more like home to the 2 greatest traitors to the Irish Republic cause Michael Collins(1921) and Roy Keane(2002).

    ps Offset my bet on Tyrone before the semi-final, so need them to deliver.

  • susan

    Dear Mr Fealty,

    Just in case the subtext may go under the heads of your more rarified readers (all three of them), you may find the enclosed bit of back story helpful:



  • Thereyouarenow

    Kerry may make the Cork men pay dearly for that on Sunday.

  • kensei

    When I was in Kinsale on holiday in August some wag had put a Kerry flag right on town of a very tall building project 🙂

  • RepublicanStones

    Very good. Love the accent from the peoples republic. If your ever speaking to somebody from Cork ask them who directed Goodfellas. There is a strange pleasure to be had in the way they declare ‘Martin Scorsese’.

    Cork for Sam. And just to add to Sammy’s #2,

    “Rebel county me bollox, yis had one rebel and ye shot him !”

  • Mayoman

    Of some relevance to this blog, Armagh take on the Mighty Mayo in the minor game. I sooo hope we can make paddy power eat his odds!

  • Itwas SammyMcNally whatdoneit


    £5 bet – loser donates to Sluggger?

    mon Ard Macha.

  • Mayoman

    You’re on, about time I donated something! 🙂

  • Greagoir O Frainclin

    Kinda culchie gombeenism at it’s best!

    Put your hand up if you believe in god too.

  • Greagoir O Frainclin

    …..the video of course.

  • Good to see the minors game getting a mention. Armagh are looking a very sharp side this year, glad to know a few of the boys!

  • Limerickman

    Thats a stupid video. Well done to Armagh, great to see them beat those Mayo wasters, that county just produces too many blueshirts.
    Hard to call on the senior match, twould be good to see Cork come through I suppose.

  • Mayoman

    “that county just produces too many blueshirts.”

    Strange comment for a man from a county famous for producing too many druggies! 😉

    Well done to the Armagh lads, came through a scrappy, but tough game. Sammy, trying to complete ‘payback time’ but can’t find the tip jar!! Can anyone help?

  • Itwas SammyMcNally whatdoneit


    yer an honest fellah – didnt see the game only saw the senior game.

    This link below works on my machine – the jar link seems to appear and disappear on its own.


  • Greenflag

    Well the effin animals have done it yet again 😉 Wiped the floor with the Cork crowd .

    And this is their 36th All Ireland win . I make that over 30% -Amazing . I don’t think even Brazil have topped that percentage in the World Cup ? And I’m certain no English Premier League have ever reached ? that percentage total in the championship .

    How do they do it ? Is it the mountain air or what ? Their continuing success obviously breeds more success ? Nothing new about that I suppose in sport , or politics or economics;)?

  • Itwas SammyMcNally whatdoneit

    Kerry were far too strong and professional – Cork forwards look to have bottled it and couldnt lose their markers and Cork didnt have the patience to play into position before whacking the ball in the general direction of the posts.

  • Brian MacAodh

    Up Kerry