“It’s getting ugly at the Stormont interface.”

Nice bit of satire from the BBC NI political editor. In response to the tale told here and here.

One gang tossed a 43 page document entitled “Rights and Respect” over the peace wall. The other responded with a 75 page draft called “Building a Better Future”. “They may look harmless when you just open them up on your computer as a PDF file” the CRC DMSU officer explained “but put that in a ring binder and toss it over a 12 foot high wall and it can give you a very nasty cut”.

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  • DR

    Have just sorta read most of SFs “Rights and Respect” document, it is far from harmless, as I now suffer from a terrible headache. I’m almost give up after the first few pages of saying its all about rights and the ethnic minorities, no wonder the DUP never replied they still havnt a clue what its going on about.
    I havnt found their proposals on here yet btw hence cant comment on then, can someone point me to which of petes infinites links its on?
    And can someone try to strip the crap out of the SF one and tell me what they are proposing.

  • maeglin

    You can link into the October draft docu by going to the DUP page (www.dup.org.uk) and opening the press statement “Sinn Fein failing to deliver a shared future”. I don’t know how to link this properly?!?

    BTW the dup are saying they replied with a series of meeting making it clear to SF that a document with its only premise being “equality is the foundation of good relations” was not going to be the basis of any agreement. The DUP are also saying they produced a document to SF in July outlining a possible way forward.

  • slug

    It says on the front page of the draft document the DUP released: “IMPUT STILL REQUIRED”

    Is imput a word?

  • fin

    there is a verb impute, as in “To relate to a particular cause or source; attribute the fault or responsibility to”.

    The prefix “in” usually assimilates with a “p” sound to make “imp”, such as important (prefix “in” + Latin present participle portant), because it’s harder to say inportant, than important, people say imput because it’s easier to pronounce, because “P” is a plosive consonant– meaning you have put a stop to the air supply and then release the air, and depending on the shape of the lips, teeth, and mouth, you get a specific consonant. The transition from the “nnn” to the “puh” means that you have to stop the air and sound in the middle of the word by closing the lips. Because the “m” sound is just an “n” with closed lips, the mouth naturally wants to close down to make the “puh” come out faster and easier. Try it. It’s impossible (immmpossible) to say input without closing the lips; therefore, you say “m” in the middle of the word

    And all that has just translated into the written word. Although it shows the age of the DUPers as the term was popular in its written form in the late 70s’ 80s’ but is rarely seen now

    Simple answer. No

  • joeCanuck

    Hilarious. Could have come straight from the pages of “The Portadown News”.

  • Paul McMahon

    Classic Fin

  • Maeglin

    ? It says input??