“cash and confidence”

The Northern Ireland First and deputy First Ministers are due to meet Gordon Brown tomorrow in Downing St, when it’s expected he will reveal what funding he’s prepared to offer for any devolved Justice Ministry. In the opening discussion on Stormont Live today, BBC NI’s Martina Purdy pointed out the obvious. [Someone had to! – Ed]

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  • Pete Baker

    Yep. My inbox is full of notifications from YouTube.

  • igor

    So we pay these buggers to produce this and then when people view it online they claim copyright on ephemeral news broadcasts that are of no commercial value?

  • Mick Fealty

    Looks like it. Worse than that, Pete adds considerable value to the content (at no cost) by editing the ‘ore’ down to the ‘essential matter’.

    Fine if they paid someone else to do it for us. But in the meantime the terms nose and face come to mind.

  • PAD

    Not the BBC but someone attacking Slugger/Pete by making complaints to YouTube so they have no choice but to close his account as a TOS violation.