“Why devolve justice in this context?”

Now that we are a long way past May [2008], Sinn Féin’s Alex Maskey can call for “the setting of the date for transfer” of policing and justice powers. His party has its reasons.. And the British Government know that.. [Or else what? – Ed] Below the fold the UUP’s Michael McGimpsey points out that “if things fall you get an election”, not that he foresees any collapse, and he confirms that the UUP will oppose devolving those powers “right now” and will “vote against it when given the opportunity”. It may have something to do with the question Jim Fitzpatrick asked Mark Devenport on Stormont Live today – “Why devolve justice in this context?” The context being an ill-tempered deadlock.
The UUP’s Michael McGimpsey on Stormont Live.

And if, like Kensei, you’re confused about the issue of funding..

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