The guessing game

As we expect a Westminster election next Spring most of the Parties are keeping their selections under their hats. The SDLP in Lagan Valley have yet to choose but the name Brian Heading again is jumping around. Heading is a councillor in Lisburn and has been since 2004 through co-option but was elected in 2005.

It is expected that most sitting MP’s will stand again. However questions surround sitting MP’s Eddie McGrady (South Down) (but I have heard whispers that he intends to stand again), Peter Robinson (East Belfast) and Ian Paisley (North Antrim).

South Belfast and Fermanagh South Tyrone will be interesting yet again. It would be expected that with two Unionist candidates (at least) the seat will be retained by Nationalist MP’s Gildernew and McDonnell.

It will be interesting who the UUP, or now Conservatives and Unionists put up for South Belfast, Lagan Valley, Strangford, Upper Bann and North Antrim. I suspect that with the new coalition and system of selection there will be some new faces.

As for the SDLP selection of candidates, other than those sitting, my money would go on the MLA’s however some constituencies don’t have MLA’s, like Lagan Valley.

For previous elections see ARK.

Anyone who wants to add any names please do so below.

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