Parliamentary dole queue

Here’s the parliamentary dole queue for the North.

Gerry Adams’ West Belfast tops the poll. Lady Sylvia and Iris Robinson represent the most ‘at work’ constituencies.

  • YelloSmurf

    There’s no surprise that West Belfast has most unemployed while North Down has almost full employment. It seems to me that West Belfast has missed out on a lot of the investment from which more prosperous areas have benifited. Anyone who compares Cupar St clinic to Holywood Arches health centre will know exactly what I mean.

    I wonder, and this is controversial, whether PART of the problem is that West Belfast, in addition to years of under investment (Unionist misrule?), has forfited it’s chance to have a strong voice at Westminster by electing an abstentionist MP when they need an MP who can speak out boldly on thier behalf. (I await loud objections).

  • fair_deal


    Gerry Adams is on the case. He wants another special package for the West:

  • Gerry Dole

    Is Gerry Adams employable as anything else but a barman or MI5 agent of influence? This too has a bearing. McGuinness did not even finish his apprenticeship. If the leaders are unemployable, who would hire the flock?

  • YelloSmurf:

    As I commented on Conall’s original post: North Down has a low unemployment rate because affluent people deliberately move there and commute back into Belfast, not because it has more jobs. On the other hand, anyone who can afford to move out of West Belfast does so. This is a universal phenomenon.

  • Mark Simpson

    Are people from West Belfast less capable of commuting?

  • Laughing (Tory) Unionist

    Perhaps we should put all, or rather, the rest of West Belfast on the MI5 paylist? Goodness knows, we evil Brits are certainly getting good value from Sir Gerry.

  • larkin

    The Shankill is in West Belfast as well.

  • Mark:

    Not at all, but (on average) they are less capable of affording houses in North Down.

  • Coll Ciotach

    Can you remember the JTP and YTP? I tutored trainees on the schemes in a centrally placed workshop. The trainees regulary got the opportunity for work and often the reason for declining the chances was “thats two bus rides”.

    In short – lazy.

    And it was both sides.

    This was galling to me as I was travelling in by bus, then train and then bus to the city centre.

    No time for these people who will jot work but want the world to keep them, genuine unemployed are different.

  • 6countyprod

    Can you believe that some people are still yappin about ‘Unionist misrule’? When are these people ever going to grow up and take responsibility for their own destinies? Pathetic!

  • Mack

    Andrew –

    Not at all, but (on average) they are less capable of affording houses in North Down.

    Once they move out, they no longer appear in the statistics for West Belfast.

    But the absolute numbers of unemployed are significantly above any other constituency bar Foyle (where there are less commuter options)..

  • Mack,

    Exactly. Those people from deprived areas who get better jobs and can afford better housing tend to move to more affluent areas, leaving behind a skewed demographic. The cited study reports unemployment per constituency, which is obviously going to show a bigger effect in Belfast because it contains more than one constituency. If we were to perform the same analysis by ward, we would likely find similar inequalities in other towns. The fact that there are deprived areas in Belfast should not be a surprise – the only remarkable thing about Belfast is that its deprived areas are large enough to skew the statistics – but then Belfast is (relatively) large, so we should also expect this.

    But the absolute numbers of unemployed are significantly above any other constituency bar Foyle

    Yes, because West Belfast is larger than the average constituency.

    The Foyle numbers, however. They aren’t so easy to explain away. But underinvestment in that area is a known problem.

    In short, I don’t find this study tells us anything we didn’t already know.

  • Sorry, that should have read:

    “because West Belfast is smaller than the average constituency”


  • Jiptown

    maybe if the boundary commission were to abolish West Belfast then the unemployment figures for it wouldn’t exist. Problem solved!

  • YelloSmurf

    Andrew, I mentioned North Down in passing. My point was about West Belfast and my thoughts that they are not getting a fair deal from anyone (or nearly anyone, if you know what I mean) including thier so-called reperesentative, who is failing to represent them properly.