More bonfires..

Bonfire at Lecky Road flyover LondonderryLondonderry seems to have been the setting for most of the internment anniversary bonfires this weekend. Some, if not all, of which, according to the BBC report, were allowed to burn themselves out because they were “under supervision”. The report also claims that the fire service were unable to approach this bonfire at the flyover on Lecky Road, complete with tyres, Union flags and what the Sunday Life describes as “a portrait of a Church of Ireland Bishop”, because “the road was blocked”. But why was it allowed to be built on a public road in the first place? An Irish News report from 2006 [Google cache] notes that in that year the bonfire was moved to waste ground “after serious structural damage was caused to the flyover [in 2005].” Adds According to our knowledgable commenters, it was a portrait of this Bishop of Derry. Which is odd.. Update Apparently, the portrait was “stolen from a hoarding outside St Columb’s Cathedral several weeks ago.” And Gary has a closer look at the Bishop. With better photos..