Attention seeking MP wants privacy law for MPs…

I think Lembit’s picking the wrong fight this week and completely misjudged the public mood; appearing on the front pages with a lingerie model in a desperate bid for attention, then calling for a privacy law for MPs a few days later? I can’t imagine he’ll get much sympathy with this pompous tirade at a time when most MPs are happy to be eating humble pie. Maybe it is annoying for an MP to be photographed by a member of the public while on recess – but to call for a privacy law?! Oh dear… time to get a grip.

  • Lembit

    Bizarre character. Ignore him and he’ll soon go away. Let’s hope the good people of Montgomeryshire do the same next year.

    Check out his rant on 5Live when the expenses story was at its peak – GUBU. Hilarious stuff.

  • Dewi


  • David

    The photos of Lembik and the model together all look photoshopped.

  • He should be pleased he’s got some Slugger coverage

  • Drumlins Rock

    I think he is mildly amusing and adds a bit of colour to westminister lol. Although it is a bit embarassing to think he comes from here, to be honest I would actually miss him, mite not want him as my MP like but guess at least he occasionally turns up unlike my MP.

  • He’s an Inst man like myself, and he was a member of Friends of Ireland back in the day. That wouldn’t have gone down well in the quad.

  • YelloSmurf

    As a Lib Dem from NI, I find him rather embarressing, but there are much more embaressing people around (Sammy Wilson, Boris Johnston if I were a Tory).