DUP should take part in Belfast Pride parade…

Interesting blog post from Patrick over Belfast and Beyond, suggesting that the DUP should send a representative to the Pride event in Belfast… Not as off the wall as it may seem at first glance… if anything the fierce relations between the party and Northern Ireland’s gay community was underlined by the activism surrounding the Paul Butler Berry affair… If the DUP is serious about creating a pluralist future, this is one bridge that is long overdue repair…

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  • Sean

    Nice one Mick

    Might even show they are moving away from the fundy nut jobbery

  • Chris Donnelly

    If the DUP is serious about creating a pluralist future


    In fairness to the DUP, have they ever suggested they ‘were’ serious about creating such a society?

  • AOJ


    I think you mean Paul Berry affair.

  • fair_deal

    Get real

  • elvis parker

    Tell me about Paul Bulter, the DUP and the gay connection!

  • Dec

    anything the fierce relations between the party and Northern Ireland’s gay community was underlined by the activism surrounding the Paul Butler affair

    Eh, Iris ‘Gays are worse than paedos’ Robinson?

  • Ms Wiz

    Anyone seen the Factotum poster advertising the ‘lost’ film, ‘King Billy’s Pink Adventures’, tagline, ‘before he beat the drums of war…he played the pipes of love’. Classic.

  • Chris Donnelly


    Forgot about Berry- Was racking my brains to work out the Butler connection….

  • Mike C

    A witty suggestion. Personally I think the Pride parade makes a mockery of the gay community.

  • blinding

    Sure was not the pouting Reverend Ian at least a little gay.

    Your normal run of the mill hetro would not behave in such a prima dona fashion and all that clamouring for attention.

    Whether we like it or not there is a little gay in all of us and sure its no harm at all.

  • Itwas SammyMcNally whatdoneit

    Such a move would be particulalry popular with Jimbo(TUV) who would no doubt welcome the opportunity to add some inappropriate prefixes to the term Lundy when speaking of his former colleagues.

  • Rory Carr

    The DUP at a Gay Pride event? Somehow I can’t see it. This after all is a party whose support and ideology derives from a community that is still bitterly divided over whether or not women should be allowed (my emphasis) to wear trousers.

    Corrigan might also have shot at inviting TUV representatives. We could always ask Turgon if he would be up for it.

  • Itwas SammyMcNally whatdoneit


    nice turn of phrase there in the last sentence.

  • iluvni

    Would the deliberately insulting behaviour towards Christians of some of those on parade last year fall foul of the Republic’s new blasphemy law if repeated there?

  • Mick Fealty

    Doh, been out all evening… Embarrassing… Sorry Paul(s)…

  • eranu

    ” suggesting that the DUP should send a representative to the Pride event in Belfast”

    what a silly idea. alot of the DUP party come from a Christian background. these days everyone in NI must know about the concept of sin and that homosexuality is sinful. people must be pretty stupid to expect someone to promote something they view as wrong.

    its always interesting to see the comments from people who dont believe in God when something they do is criticized as sinful and wrong. they just cant take it, they always have to try and demonise or mock the person with the view that their actions are sinful.

  • Big Maggie


    “alot of the DUP party come from a Christian background.”

    Yeah, right. We might take you seriously if you wrote “a lot” as two words and appreciated that one has a background, as opposed to your deviant usage.

  • RepublicanStones

    ‘these days everyone in NI must know about the concept of sin and that homosexuality is sinful.’

    Get that out of the bestseller did ye?

    ‘its always interesting to see the comments from people who dont believe in God when something they do is criticized as sinful and wrong. they just cant take it, they always have to try and demonise or mock the person with the view that their actions are sinful.’

    Its the hypocrisy of the so called christians they can’t take. If they get their attitude that homosexuality is wrong from their bestseller why pick and choose the rules stipulated in that holy book?

    eranu assuming you take your stance on homosexuality from the bible i was just wondering if you

    – support the death penalty for rebellious sons
    – support the death penalty for cursing one parents
    – support the death penalty for disobeying a minister
    -support stoning people who plant different crops side by side
    – don’t wear clothes of mixed fabric
    – don’t cut your hair or shave
    – would stop people with flat noses, people who are blind or lame going before an altar of God
    – would kill anyone who suggests worshipping another God
    – would kill anyone with a different religion

    Or do you just cherrypick to try and justify plain old bigotry?

  • Frank Sinistra

    I was starting to get concerned Butler’s nickname ‘Butch’ may have had a meaning I wasn’t aware of.

  • Big Maggie


    Do please stop displaying your ignorance. You ought to know that we Christians don’t hold with the Old Testament, the source of the proscriptions you list.

    That’s the book of the Jews and we Ulster Christians don’t like the Jews much. (Ah yes, support Israel and fly Israeli flags but only as a reaction against the Taigs’ flying Palestinian flags.)

    No, we’re all about Jesus and Christian values. Which is why we get our marching orders and join organizations that parade where we’re not wanted in order to show our love of our neighbour. (You might say this is unChristian but again you’d be displaying your ignorance; we’re simply showing the Taigs the way, the truth and the light, and how Christian is that, hmmm?)

    Hope this clears up the matter.

    Apropos of homosexuality, Jesus was incontrovertibly gay, so the DUP ought to be out there supporting the Pride festival. It’s what He’d have wanted.

  • Different Drummer

    To Kind Maggie and And Kind Admin

    Maggie I note you write some of your best things on this topic – the sort of things that should be on The Folks On The Hill – which is all Northern/Belfast hutzpah – but that’s a very ‘controlled’ market – to show that theirs life in them there liberal/radical views yet.

    I’m just worried – will there be life worth living for you and me in this place in the future?

    Kind admin knows one challenge that we non conformers will rise to is a chance to be creative and hutzpahlike, my dear Maggie you don’t disappoint but the time will come my dear friend when you will be changing your moniker to Casandra. When that day comes – (as I feel it will) I will know I was not wrong to think that days and ways like these are the ways and time of Ulster-Weimar.


    Ulster-Weimar is the time when people like ourselves could joke about reaction and reactionaries as a way of saying we shall not be moved. But our lives and ways are more tenuous here than most places who knows who will be the next victim of the reactionaries right now. And I’m talking not just about anti gay politicians or stones being thrown at (perceived) catholic taximen but the now 6 monthly ritual of kicking someone’s head in cos his face didn’t fit.

    So at some point we must be clear about why and what we stand for. Because in Ulster-Weimar we will have to make that stand soon -probably within the next 18 months before the elections. Because change can only be brought about by actual action not thinking that the existing pockets of marginal freedom like the John Hewitt or slugger or other enclaves will protect us – they won’t.

    You asked for the name of a high DUP official who is gay
    but not out so that he could be outed by slugger so we could have Paul Berry Mark II – well I think we may have enjoyed the DUP’s squirming but we would have failed – why?

    It’s the liberated human we are trying to give space to here (Pride is for the liberated human) So DUP members if they are gay should reflect that we – the pro liberationists want a world where personal freedom extends to private lives too and that that their private life *does* have more validity than their public views.

    And that’s what we are fighting for and not just to keep open the prospect of a particular non-unionist party at Stormont. They – the new Ultras can do away with the non-unionists in government by going back to the streets as they did in 1974.

    But we will still have slugger even though it won’t be safe to go out or be out.

  • Big Maggie

    Different Drummer,

    Thanks … I think :^)

  • Different Drummer

    I think you think therefore you are….

  • eranu

    sorry maggie, i must have a faul ty keyboard. what did you mean by my “deviant usage”?

    RS, i have no idea where you get all those things from. i would like to make it clear that i have no objection to wearing mixed fabric. why a quick inspection of some of my clothes has revealed several are less than 100% cotton!
    there is no cherry picking, its a specific point on homosexuality and being involved in promoting it or condoning it. we live in a free country where people are allowed largely to do what they want. that means people can voice an opinion on others behaviour and they dont have to say ‘yeah thats ok’ they can can say ‘no i dont believe thats ok and i wont be involved in supporting it’. some people just cant handle the fact that others disagree with their behaviour.
    Surely both of you agree that people can object to others behaviour and they don’t have to say ‘yeah thats ok’ ?

  • sinless

    I was wodnering today how many gay gunmen were involved in the terror campaign. There was Mad Dog Adair’s side kick (who now lives in exile with him in Scotland), Mick Quinlan, Donaldson. Any more?

  • mr boombastic

    sinless: the bleach blonde chap who frequented Thailand. He was shot dead, eventually, a few years ago. His name escapes me but I think I remember a nickname along the lines of “Doris Day.” John Grey?

  • RepublicanStones

    eranu there is a big difference between objecting to someones lifestyle and labelling them sinful or sinners (you can object without namecalling) and going even further and trying to legislate for that lifestyle.

    So if you do wear clothes of mixed fabric, why not ditch this other silly biblical ‘rule’ too?

  • Rory Carr

    Do you not recognise, Eranu, that people are born with differing sexual drives and identities – heterosexual, homosexual and bi-sexual and that some are born with complete gender confusion where there psyche is female yet there genitalia presents initially as to have them incorrectly identified as male and vice-versa? Such matters are not contestable they are manifestly true. One might say that each is as God created him. In which case are we not obliged to accept the reality of their lives and to wish them well in the pursuit of happiness therein?

    We do in fact, I would argue, have an obligation to accept that and to, as you put it, say ‘yeah that’s ok’. For it is manifestly as nature (or God if you will) intended it to be and whatever form of sexual xenophobic embarrasment one might secretly harbour we have no right whatsoever to object to others living as best they can with the practice of sexuality that most sits comfortably with them.

    I presume that you are able to practice the forms of sexuality with which you are most comfortable without interference or condemnation from those whose sexuality is different from yours. If that is the case why do you think you have a right to condemn others for fulfilling their sexual nature in comfort?

  • Different Drummer

    The ERANU’s zone – s/he objects to thinks gay you know or not….? all s/he knows is s/he’s not a bigot two cheers for that now – two cheers for that….

    Er SINLESS because you don’t read the guardian I see your not up on on the latest gay paramilitaries:


    And here is some ‘balance’ from the same journo


    I think we should all pray more – for more %$£$%^^&&& (sorry my keyboard isn’t working properly….)

  • Laughing Laird Laird

    In Belfast?
    You people are seriously deluded.

  • Different Drummer

    We see other prides – on every gable wall and and ad hoarding so why not Gay Pride for day or even for a week..

    Don’t knock it till you have tried it.

    It is still on BTW – just in case you want to be sure that we are both talking on this DUP Going To gay Pride thread – about the same thing.