“Remember the passion, the self-confidence, the enthusiasm with which we hated the Prods”

A return to something like his best satirical form Newton Emerson in the Irish Times takes a bite at those members of southern Sinn Fein now expressing their disillusionment over how things have turned out [file under humour]:

In recent years I have become increasingly disillusioned with the direction of the party. The leadership promised a “peace strategy” to deliver a united Ireland through the exclusively political institutions of the Belfast Agreement. It is now painfully obvious that when they made this promise, they actually meant it. I cannot overstate the mounting sense of betrayal at this realisation among genuine community activists such as myself.

Of course, we all nodded along through all those interminable meetings at all the fine talk of engagement. But it was always understood that we were only doing this to confuse the Brits and antagonise the Prods. Republicans of principle and integrity truly believed that the lying, cheating and stealing would continue.

I distinctly recall a senior party figure winking right at me from the platform while proposing recognition of the PSNI. This is the kind of clarity that the movement has lost as we have been drawn into finally doing what we said we would do. Many genuine community activists such as myself are now asking what Sinn Féin really stands for, other than what it publicly stands for, which I would never have knowingly stood for.

Much of the blame for this confusion must lie with the Northern leadership, which does not understand that the South does not understand the North. Long-standing members here in the 26-county transitional jurisdiction are dismayed to hear colleagues from Belfast refer to the unionists as almost normal.

Our core belief that the unionists are baby-eating occupiers must remain at the very heart of what Sinn Féin is all about. Remember the passion, the self-confidence, the enthusiasm with which we hated the Prods back when many of us joined? We need to recapture that wonderful feeling.

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  • Hard to believe that the last edition of Portadown News was 15th August 2005. Sadly missed.
    Good as Newton is, writing for mainstream papers just aint the same.

  • sj1

    I distinctly recall a senior party figure winking right at me from the platform while proposing recognition of the PSNI.

    That is a down right lie, for I remember this incident. It was nothing more than some dirt in the figures eye which caused the problem.

    Remember the passion, the self-confidence, the enthusiasm with which we hated the Prods back when many of us joined?

    We need to recapture that wonderful feeling.

    It was good….. The only place this feeling can be felt now is slugger (thank you mick) out on the streets there is no feeling, except the lack of feeling. The void now where this genuine feeling once was is there, waiting, hoping that some day it could be revivied. Maybe some other group could step up to fill this void….Romanians,immigrants, any group will do…

    There ought to be a day set to one side to remember this feeling
    – a national feeling rememberance day.

    Maybe mid July?

  • Greenflag

    ‘I will be genuinely active in the community. My activities will be genuine and community-based.’

    Aha the Obama strategy . Shure did’nt the American President get his political start in community activities ? Very constructive suggestion from the Newt .

    ‘Our core belief that the unionists are baby-eating occupiers ‘

    So that’s why the unionist birth rate is lower eh? Eating their own . This recession in NI is biting hard eh :(? Dean Swift would however not approve as he was of the opinion that the potato fed Irish infant had much more meat on them and were much more numerous than their prod equivalents 😉

    The Portadown News is sadly missed . Newt’s drowning in the corporate media . Still that’s the way of the world. Like it or not the Irish Times apart from Martyn Turner’s cartoons is not renowned for ribald humour ! Maybe tNewt will in some reptilian legerdemain turn the Irish Times into an Onion or Private Eye .

    I know we can do with all the humour we can get these days but surely there are limits even in the silly season.

    Time to stop flogging the dead horse . Those who are desirous of ‘executing ‘ SF should be mindful of General Maxwell who back in 1916 got his ‘timing ‘ (re the execution badly off) and instead precipitated a rebirth of irish nationalism instead of it’s burial.

    Okay we’ve lambasted the OO and now SF /Adams /Haughey now who’s left to lambaste this silly season ?

  • sj1

    Okay we’ve lambasted the OO and now SF /Adams /Haughey now who’s left to lambaste this silly season ?

    And didn’t it feel good like the newt said? Wasn’t it fun, did it bring back ‘those funny familar forgotten feelings’? there orangeflag?

  • David

    Poor Greenflag doesn’t even have Sarah Palin as a unionist substitute anymore……

  • Bemused (aka ‘Banger from Bombshaft’ when I posted

    Definite return to form by Newt – keep up the good work Sir

  • Itwas SammyMcNally whatdoneit

    Surely not another thread with the same theme of the Sinn Fein crisis? But – admittedly – this one is different – just some crypto-comedic fecker who thinks he’s funny (e.g baby-eating occupiers) actually making it up.

    So tune in next week (or tomorrow perhaps) folks when Mick or Pete will be updating us on the latest exciting fictional installment of the unfolding story of the ‘Crisis that goes to the heart of SF’ or the alarming story that Gerry Adams beard is false and he’s really an MI5 spy called Reginald Percieval Montegrue Murphy who played rugger for Old Moatonians and is queer as queer thing that went to Oxford University to study queerness and whose father hailed from Dublin and who entred MI5 at the age of 8 with his twin brother – field name Martin Mc Guinness – because of his great love of the black stuff which he regulalry swallowed whilst keeping wicket for the Combined Forces 2nd XV in Kuwait and another proud owner of one of those special MI5 designed false beards.

    Yes, its all hear on Slugger – against a backdrop of worried SF members look forward to the truely dreadful prospect of retaining their position as Norn Iron’s largest party in the forthcoming elections with the appaling backdrop of the continuing 3-way civil war in Unionism.

  • Laughing (Tory) Unionist

    Jayuz Stuck Record, when it comes to making stuff up, no one’s crypto-funnier than you. Or are you finally going to take us through that dimensional portal of yours to the reality where Sinn Five ‘pulled down the institutions’ after P&J wasn’t devolved last year (see Stuck record posts passim, or, see his equally barking jibber-jabber that P&J already *had* been transferred last year)? You’ve certainly talked out of that portal long enough, so you should know the way.

  • sinless

    Good, perhaps, that The Irish Times, which still carries columns for the self styled Church of Ireland, is still giving jobs to orange propaganda people who are as unfunny as Declan Lynch or Ian O’Doherty. Better that their advertising revenue continues to dip.

  • Mick Fealty

    Humour… Sammy… Remember? Big in the Sixties?

  • Itwas SammyMcNally whatdoneit


    ok, ok it’s not altogether unfunny – just a bit obvious.

    We’ve just had so many SF members-in-crisis stories lately it has become really tedious – and in the absence of any more resignation scoops up pops Newton (Kevin Myers he aint) with more of the same.

  • Mick Fealty

    It’s altogether meant to be a serious attempt at debate either… It’s the bite that counts…

  • Mick Fealty

    ‘Scoop’? You mean the Adams’ resignation ‘scoop’..?

    At this point, I refer you to your new found stick-to-you-like-glue friend Mr LTU… and his repeated references to ‘making things up’…

  • RepublicanStones

    Was going to criticise sinless there until I realised it was David O’Doherty who I seen in the International one night and not the Joe Ninety in a sumo suit who writes nonsense for the indo.

  • RepublicanStones

    ‘up pops Newton (Kevin Myers he aint)’

    Surely thats a good thing for Newton?

    (Anyway if Newt reads this… congrats on becoming a Dad recently)

  • Bruno Spiro

    “self-styled Church of Ireland” – pure bitter sectarian bigotry.

  • Itwas SammyMcNally whatdoneit


    first up its Newton the-unfunny-mans-Kevin-Myers and then by way of follow-up you summon forth to your corner the profound and worthy thoughts of the estimable LTU.

    Newton, if your reading this, have (another) look through the archives of an Irishman’s diary for a few pointers.

  • your hubris

    Oh, ‘it was sammy’ – if a Sinn Fein apparatchik is praising the writings of Myers in any shape of form, it is a sure sign Emerson has hit the mark, again lol

    That boy just keeps dancing rings round you (and your DUP mates up at the trough). No wonder you express so much impotent rage every time another Exocet is published here.

  • latcheeco

    That’s something like his best?… Really?

  • Itwas SammyMcNally whatdoneit

    your hubris,

    FYI – Kevin Myers is probably the MOST anti-republican correspondent in Ireland (North and South) – but he is original and extremely funny – something that distinguishes him from the mildly funny and not particulalry original Newton.

  • Different Drummer

    Wasn’t that brilliant boys and girls!!

    What can he do for an encore?

    Well he won’t be reading Terry Eagleton’s skit on historical revisionism in Heathcliff and The Great Hunger that’s for sure!!

    Oh how we laughed

    -not big in times of fear and loathing