A very serious question

Before anyone condems me for this thread I would remind people that Slugger is concerned with culture as well as politics. In addition, much of what goes on here seems to me at least to relate to neither. I define culture narrowly, for me it is what YOU do, not what you aspire to do, nor your ancestors did.

However that definition, what you do, leads one to widen the definition of culture to the realities of everyday life, in the case of this thread to cusine, a fundamental part of this Gael’s culture and yours, leading me to ask an important question relating to our ‘shared’ culture in Belfast …. … wheres is the best Kebab in Belfast?

Most students will react instantly with the word ‘SPHINX‘. There would be no argument from me had I not on the advice of a friend of Iranian friend of mine visted the Pharaoh on the Cregagh road, very nice indeed with a sauce somewhat more subtle than the magnificent Sphinx sauce.

What about ‘Gilgamesh’ outside the Bot? or Marimaris or 3 Kings down in Shaftsbury square, not bad at all.

And lets not forget Esperanto, ok, perhaps not the Georgy Best but it is open very very late!