A very serious question

Before anyone condems me for this thread I would remind people that Slugger is concerned with culture as well as politics. In addition, much of what goes on here seems to me at least to relate to neither. I define culture narrowly, for me it is what YOU do, not what you aspire to do, nor your ancestors did.

However that definition, what you do, leads one to widen the definition of culture to the realities of everyday life, in the case of this thread to cusine, a fundamental part of this Gael’s culture and yours, leading me to ask an important question relating to our ‘shared’ culture in Belfast …. … wheres is the best Kebab in Belfast?

Most students will react instantly with the word ‘SPHINX‘. There would be no argument from me had I not on the advice of a friend of Iranian friend of mine visted the Pharaoh on the Cregagh road, very nice indeed with a sauce somewhat more subtle than the magnificent Sphinx sauce.

What about ‘Gilgamesh’ outside the Bot? or Marimaris or 3 Kings down in Shaftsbury square, not bad at all.

And lets not forget Esperanto, ok, perhaps not the Georgy Best but it is open very very late!

  • MackNo

    No idea – but Zaytoon has the best Kebab in Dublin / the whole island 😉


  • Mack

    Feck knows how that ‘No’ got appended to my name there – I’m not running a campaign against myself.. Yet anyway..

  • stavros

    If we’re talking about the Cregagh Road, the best is the Turkish Kebab & Pizza House IMO (watch out, there are a few round that way with “Turkish” in their name, unsurprisingly).

    Beef rather than lamb, and their chicken and chicken tikka are great!

  • Mairseail Ui Neill

    nár bhain tú trial as rí cíbáb ar bothár na bhfál???

    what about king kebab on the falls beside caffreys???


    (only after numerous pints i must add!!)

  • stavros

    The Sphinx does nicer chips tho…

  • John

    Was going to say ‘D’esperantos but I see you’ve already got it in there!

  • Neil

    King kebab? Brutal mate, numerous pints of aftershock maybe.

  • Gael gan Náire

    Mairseail Ui Neill,

    An ith tú riamh sobaráilte é?

  • Neil

    Gotta go with the sphinx, the sauce is fantastic, or Papa’s Kitchen in Ballymena, a bit out of the way but the best I’ve had ever, including Scotland, London and here.

  • Mairseail Ui Neill


    Seans da laghad chara!!

    No way josé!!

    Not a big kebab eater myself tbh; finding it increasinly difficult to find a pizza place that delivers pizza that isn’t horrible frozen ‘4 Star’ style ones.

    Sorry for going off-topic but Little Italy surely has the best Pizzas in town???

  • Gael gan Náire

    “Sorry for going off-topic but Little Italy surely has the best Pizzas in town??? ”

    Sure, if you like your pizza uncooked.

  • Mairseail Ui Neill


    ní raibh droch cheann agam ann go fóil!

    I’ve never had a bad one in it!

  • the joxer

    What about the dodgy kebab shop at Shaftesbury Square where the staff all wear ‘Simply The Best’ t-shirts?
    Although any outlet up North is better than the Abrekebabra dross that masquerades as kebabs in the 26 counties. In the kebab world, maybe partition not such a bad thing!

  • Smug O’ Tool

    I concur with Mack[no], Zaytoon on Camden street has the best kebabs around. Zaytoon in Temple Bar may be the first of the two (and is brilliant by normal standards), but I feel the Camden street shop does better kebabs. You haven’t lived until you’ve had a barg (steak) kebab from there. The Sultan on Georges St. is 2nd as it does a great cheap n’ nasty kebab.

  • Drumlins Rock

    umm what happened to culture?

    I sorta have my own def ie. its “thoughts, words and actions that unite two or more people and distinguish them from others” so the two biggest cultures are male and female, followed by young and old, rich and poor, town and country, gonig rite down to a married couples everyday lifestyle or that unique greeting you use with only one other person.
    Also all cultures basically compete with each other and are a threat to each other, society works best when this friction is managed. A culture may seem to be ancient, but every culture is constantly evolving, borrowing from others and growing or in some cases becoming so inward looking its future is at risk, however cultures also disappear by merging into a larger one, sometimes contributing much to the over all scheme other times losing almost all of its identity, this is the risk of being too open to outside influences.
    In the NI context many of the cultural groups we belong to can be divided in the “two camps”, but the edges are far from clear with many of us having cultural interests in the other camp, many seem to desire to dump much of their tradtional cultures and create a new “neither” camp inbetween, but surely the better option would be adopting some of the best things from both camps and over time (ok a long long time) have a shared culture learnig from both.

  • RepublicanStones

    Zaytoon is great, never been to the Camden st one. But the one in Temple bar is great esp after a few cold ones in the Turks Head.

  • You’re right, the culture all people seem to share is the Nightlife in Belfast.

  • ParallaxCo

    Sphinx definitely – although is it just me or do they just seem to keep getting smaller and dearer?

  • Although I am officially off kebabs and lots of other stuff, I have to confess I would be tempted to have a kebab from Jimmy’s Takeaway in Ballon, Co. Carlow. This kebab oasis is run by a couple of Turks and their lamb shish kebabs are better than any I tasted in Belfast. There used to be a great kebab house on Dominic Street in Galway, a few doors up from Mick Taylor’s pub. I remember being in there one night in 1995 and had a great meal and an argument after a rake of pints next door.