Bills not referred to Supreme Court

Despite the arguments noted yesterday from Eoin O’Dell, the Irish Times reports that President Mary McAleese has signed the Defamation Bill 2006 and the Criminal Justice (Amendment) Bill 2009 into law. Time for that blasphemous statement, Michael! Adds Eoin has been waiting patiently..

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  • kensei

    I’m not sure if how the law can actually be applied or nto is really much different form the UK incitement laws, but really, that’s a sad day for a Republic.

  • George

    I have to say I’m glad the President didn’t refer the bills as that means that, if the Supreme Court ruled the bills as constitutional, they would never be open to constitutional challenge, regardless of what situation arose in the future.

    Now at least with no Article 26 reference, they can be challenged on an ongoing basis going forward.

  • joeCanuck

    Good point, George.