Nell is just ejaculating

Just in case you missed it, a hilarious big wrap from Ms McCafferty on just about everything to do with contemporary Ireland, from blasphemy laws and of course the Pope to an Bord Snip ( where’s she’s amazingly well connected, courtesy of a well-known Dublin pub), through Mary the Stump to our church bells in Derry ( I suppose she’s counting that tinkling carillon in St Eugene’s as church bells). Jonathan Swift, thou should’st be living at ths hour.

  • joeCanuck

    Lovely piece of writing to start off the week with. (Yes, I know it’s wrong to use a preposition to end a sentence with.)

  • Padraig

    Yes. Yawn. I’ve listened to her before.

    Yes. Shocking. Blasphemous indeed.


  • artjones98

    never have anything positive to say about Ms McCafferty particularly in relation to northern prods. thankfully reaching the point were it doesn’t matter anymore.

  • Brankin

    [Play the ball – edited moderator] Her paean to rioting was particularly well thought out given the murderous attacks at Ardoyne.

    Pretty funny that an old republican lefty writes for the Sunday Times. Maybe in these hard times even the capitalist shilling is acceptable. : )

  • Harry Flashman

    Christ, I just read that drivel, three minutes of my life wasted, three minutes I’ll never get back, add on another 45 seconds for commenting on the maundering nonsense and I’ve another reason for disliking that ghastly woman.

  • Rory Carr

    Bit of a curmudgeonly crew above, what?

    It was good to hear Nell’s take on this nonsense the more so perhaps becuse I can recall, back in the day, when Nell McCafferty’s very existence on the green isle was seen as a living, walking blasphemy. But, worse still, she spoke! And boy did she speak. And I for one loved her for it and the more she got up the noses of the great and the good (but more often the petty minded, the lace-curtain merchants, the gombeen men, the respectable) the more I (aye, and plenty other boshie bastards like me) loved her.

    So I am glad to hear that Nell is yet in fine voice and has lost little of her spark.

  • Brian Walker

    Rory, Couldn’t agree more.

  • DoctorWho

    rory, brian

    Not really, I think her problem is that no one really cared what she said or did, and nothing has changed in that respect.

  • Brankin

    Nell’s piece certainly replicates the hand-driven physical activity that results in “ejaculating”.

    To all you stout defenders of the lady’s honour, moderator included, that’s just “affectionate abuse”.

  • dub

    wow some of you really don’t like her… methinks says a lot more about you than her.

  • DoctorWho


    Why? I don´t like liver and onions, does that say much about me also?

  • Brankin

    I don’t like the colour blue. Can I have a character analysis too Dr dub?

  • Rory Carr

    I think, Dub, that Nell makes these big strong men a wee bit uncomfortable. Someone whose ideas and more importantly, her having the bare-faced cheek to express them, they really don’t know how to cope with, expecting instead complacency and docility from their womenfolk (in return for a pretty bonnet every Easter no doubt).

  • Padraig

    Well there MUST be SOMETHING WRONG with us, if we don’t find her as interesting as you do.

    After all, she’s really controversial.

    Really, really sexually avant guarde.

    Really, really, really stimulating.

    Yes, really, really, really, really, really, really……….

  • DoctorWho

    Rory Carr.

    I showed your post to my wife who found it very funny. Im sorry you have a hard-on for Nell, but that is your problem, just because I care nothing for the beast does not mean I prefer women to be docile.

    Hold on the wee women has left the kitchen, better go and lock her in it.

  • Padraig

    [b]I prefer women to be docile.[/b]

    Yes. She tries really hard not to be….

    REALLY hard……

  • “Now when I hear church bells I mourn — nostalgically and slightly — for what we’ve lost. .. These days, there’s much to mourn. Everything we ever trusted is going down, every pillar of the state crumbling — priests, bankers, politicians — and what’s left is being snipped anew.” Nell – but not ‘pretty, witty Gwynne’.

    When Nell pulled the plug did the baby go out with the bath-water?