It looks like a long wait

Perhaps this is Peter Robinson’s idea of hardball negotations over funding the transfer for justice and policing powers, but it looks like stalling for the sake of it to me. Does anybody know what’s going on?

  • fair_deal

    The Assembly and executive review group has met most chunks of the police and justice bodies and a number are facing significant financial black holes. There was some civil servant group looking at this and reporting to Brown in June (don’t know if they have or not) but the expectation was they’d recommend a bit more but nowhere near enough.

  • Cynic

    Politics 1.1 I am afraid. Holding off for

    1 electoral reasons / TUV induced panic in the DUPs

    2 because they know there will be a general election within 9 months and dont want to go into that having devolved justice

    3 they know they will get more support from the next Conservative Government than from Labour and may even be able to avoid having a neutral justice minister

    4 the longer they hold off the more £ they will screw from Brown who will become increasingly desperate to ‘secure his legacy’ as he approaches politicial oblivion

  • loki

    Do you really think a Conservative government is going to be anyway inclined to be nice to a party that screwed them over on 42 day detention and is currently trying to scare everyone that tories will make tax cuts or that holds protests when the Leader of HM Opposition comes to visit Ballymena?
    You’re pretty well spot on about the other reasons though imho 😉

  • Laughing (Tory) Unionist

    1.) You say ‘panic’, I say, ‘response’, the Punt says ‘epat’; 2.) they don’t care whether Justice is devolved or not – that’s been their huge advantage in this from day one – as long as it’s done only in a way dictated by them, which every step, or non-step thus far has been; 3.) the DUP have already obtained a veto on any Provo P&J minister – a veto SF swore blind they wouldn’t accept, but then, er, rolled over and had their tummies stroked (Gawd but life must be easier when your followers are sheep), so what do you think they care about who it is beyind that? & 4.) Brown, no more than any other national politicians, gives not one stuff whether there is, or is not a devolved P&J minister anytime before the sun grows cold. All of this is the outgrowth of the just how badly SF played their hand at St Andrew’s, and thus further illustrates quite how fundamentally weak the ‘Republican’ position is (there is not one threat left to them: if they walk out, everyone will wave them a happy good byeee! and they know it).

    A cliche, I know, but Northern Ireald: where unionists are too stupid to realise they’ve won & republicans too stupid to realise they’ve lost.

  • Jo

    If someone votes TUV because an Alliance MLA has become the Minister for Justice, then f**k them.

    Its a political reality that some people would remain unsatisfied with the public hanging, drawing and quartering of Adams, McGuinness, et al. Easy for me to say I suppose, not being in the DUP, but demonstrating the workability of politcs (effectively responding to swine flu, making hard choices about water charges, etc) would be ways of showing the value of devolution.

    It matters not one jot to most people who sits in what office up on the Hill, life goes on. And the fact is that a Hell of a lot of lives have indeed gone on – which would otherwise have ended violently, had we not got what we now have.

  • Comrade Stalin

    I don’t see why the devolution of policing and justice is some sort of a big no-no for unionists given that the Shinners are definitely not getting their grubby mitts on the job for the immediately foreseeable future.

    The police service here appears at times to be in disarray. They only do stuff if the media embarasses them into it.