Paisley and Yamato

The greatest battleship ever built was the Japanese Yamato. She was the largest, had the largest guns and was the most heavily armoured. She was sent on a suicide mission (called operation Ten-Go) to attack the Americans on Okinawa in April 1945. However, she was repeatedly attacked by American carrier borne aircraft and over a period of two hours she was sunk by numerous torpedo and bomb hits. It was the inevitable end of the finest example of a once overwhelmingly powerful military machine which technology had rendered obsolete.

It appears that Dr. Paisley may feel that he has at least one election left in him: both the BBC and the News Letter are carrying the story that Dr. Paisley is thinking of running again for North Antrim in the next Westminster elections. Paisley earlier suggested that Jim Allister would be “very welcome to come and get a hiding in North Antrim.” Jim Allister seems unmoved stating
“I look forward to the verdict of the people of North Antrim on the chuckle routine and the record of their absentee Westminster representative.”
The question is whether Paisley has one more victory left in him or is he fated like the Yamato to be perused to destruction, military technology having passed the battleship by.

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