Protest for the travelling people

I hope Moochin Photoman can forgive me but when I heard someone had climbed to the top ofthe Big Wheel outside City Hall last night, I assumed he had made the dash for the best view in town.

However, it seems that the man who climbed the Wheel was making a protest on behalf of Tavellers. There has been much indiganation, comment and protest about the plight of Romanian travellers here last week, but what of our own Travellers? The chap who climbed the Wheel had been parked in front of City Hall for a couple of days and been helpfully told he could go to a site in Strabane. It appears that the two Belfast sites are full to capacity.

I have no difficulty or issue supporting the right to a dignified life for the Roma people living here, or indeed not living here any longer as the case may be. However, let us not become the ultimate hypocrites by contiuing to ignore the lack of resources and adequate halting sites that are provided for the indigenous traveller right here ad right now.