“the exception that proves the rule”

On a tauter than usual Stormont Today last night, after all the whisperings, BBC political editor Mark Devenport finally looked at the detail of the DUP’s ministerial shuffle. And the exception is defending his multiple mandates – “I have made it clear that I believe the jobs that I have at Westminster and the Assembly are complimentary.” But isn’t it, as Peter Robinson said, “simply not possible to sustain and fully perform multiple roles”? Below the fold the DUP’s Edwin Poots on the aftermath of the EU election and his new role as NI Environment Minister. He agrees with his party leader that “it is reasonable to come to the assumption that man is contributing to it [climate change]”. [Which would make Sammy Wilson? – Ed] Indeed.
Northern Ireland’s new Environment Minister, the DUP’s Edwin Poots, is adopting a less confrontational approach to climate change than his predecessor. His comments on climate change come just before the end.

Of course, Sammy Wilson’s actual position on man’s contribution to climate change was more subtle than may have been suggested..

“I think I have already made it clear that 46 per cent. of climate scientists believe that climate change is not solely down to the activity of man. That means, of course, that there are scientists who believe that it is. There is an array of environmentalists, scientists and economists who take a contrary view, however, and who believe that the impact of man is not significant. I want to make it clear that I happen to share that view.”

So does the new NI Environment Minister think man’s contribution to climate change is significant?