‘I’ll say something in English until she say’s something in English’ – BBC apologises

The BBC have apologised for the remarks of reporter Gareth Gordon following Bairbre de Brún’s election as an MEP. Bairbre spoke first in Irish, to howls of derision from the TUV and others after she topped the poll in the euro election. This prompted the BBC to lower the volume and for reporter Gareth Gordon to remark …

‘I’ll say something in English until she say’s something in English’

Following a flood of complaints from Irish speakers, Irish language organisations and Sinn Féin (The SDLP may also may complained?), the BBC have issued an apology.

’We accept that our reporter’s comments and interjection during the initialpart of Ms de Brún’s speech were inappropriate and apologise for any offence which may have been caused. This was not our intention……We understand the importance of linguistic diversity and have been workingto develop our minority language output. What occurred in this instancewas a mistake and does not reflect any wider editorial policy in relation to Irish. Your concerns have been shared with relevant colleagues and we will action the lessons learned.’

I think that that is a little progress frankly. You can read the whole scéal on An Druma Mór Nuacht – http://andrumamornuacht.blogspot.com/2009/06/labhair-bearla-bbc.html

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