“You don’t need an overly suspicious mind to find this claim unconvincing”

The heavily redacted MPs’ expenses documents released today frustrated, to a point, Mathew Taylor’s examination of his MP’s claims. And as David Leigh notes

The official version of the expenses carries the claim that scans have been “edited to remove information which could cause serious security issues and breach the privacy of the MP, their staff and other third parties”. You don’t need an overly suspicious mind to find this claim unconvincing.

But even un-redacted we wouldn’t know what the £105,000 claimed in 2007/08 by the 5 Sinn Féin MPs for renting their infrequently visited London additional homes was spent on. But, if their all inclusive service and rental contracts covered “rent, gas, electricity, water, council taxes, waste, furnishings, cleaning, laundry and insurance”, why did Gerry Adams, MP, MLA, claim for £130.64 against “Utilities” between 01/04/07 and 31/05/07? Adds Just a thought..

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  • Mark McGregor


    The information provided isn’t transparent enough to make a call, does a telephone bill count as a untility for example? I notice others claiming for mobile phone costs.

  • Pete Baker

    Who knows, Mark?

    There’s no associated invoice.

    But the other four, including those at the other address[es], stuck to the opaque £21,000 claim. [pdf file]

  • Pete Baker
  • Itwas SammyMcNally whatdoneit

    Pete, you have been working hard on this all day and this is all you have found on the insurgents -how thoroughally disappointing for you.

  • Clady cowboy


    That’s a dereliction of duty considering they’re supposed to be draining the coffers of HMG.


    They should follow Iris’ lead. Attempting to claim £300 for a pen. A pen. Tried to sneak in a bottle of perfume for free too on the receipt.

    She obviously feels she’s worth it. Hypocritical woman though as she’s been sodomizing the British taxpayer for years

  • Big Maggie


    “Hypocritical woman though as she’s been sodomizing the British taxpayer for years ”

    No doubt cowgirls do it differently on your ranch but I’ve been trying for years to sodomize my husband, all to no avail. Any tips?

  • Clady cowboy


    You’d have to get yourself a strap-on [on expenses, naturally]

    Be gentle..

  • Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

    11 January 2008: Iris Robinson authorises C2 Direct Payment of Suppliers Form for a claim of £132.50, declaring that “I confirm that the payments requested are in respect of costs incurred wholly, exclusively and necessarily in the performance of my Parliamentary duties”.

    The accompanying invoice shows that the £132.50 was for the supply of Christmas decorations… £132.50 – that’s about how much tax I pay in two weeks. Good to see where it goes.

    Check out page 30 of 141 of Incidental Expenses Provision/Staff Allowance 2007-08: http://mpsallowances.parliament.uk/mpslordsandoffices/hocallowances/allowances-by-mp/iris-robinson

  • fin

    I was surprised at Gerrys expenses, £80 for a desk is quite tame.

    The odd couple, Sammy and Jeffs expenses where entertaining, Sammy looks to eat like a pig while Jeffs on a diet, unless he’s one of those annoying flatmates who eats your food.

    Pete if you continue to flog this dead horse I’ll report you to the RSPCA