Allister`s plan to scupper Stormont

The News Letter has an report about Jim Allister outlining his plans to scupper the Executive. He plans to stand only in safe Unionist seats at the Westminster elections whilst standing for every Assembly seat. He hopes by taking enough seats and boycotting Stormont it will result in Sinn Fein taking the First Minister position and thereby topple the Assembly.

That is a very credible plan, however it could backfire on him. Whilst his results were decent enough, the fact is, 418,000 people voted for Stormont participating parties and 66,000 voted against…in a Westminster election where the existence of Stormont is in the balance there may be a very different outcome to the Euro elections – you might find UUP, Alliance, Greens and even SDLP people voting DUP in constituencies where TUV stands, not out of support for the DUP, but out of support for Stormont.

I do believe however, if Allister succeeded and Sinn Fein were to become First Minister it would be `curtains` for Stormont! I also believe that a repeat performance by the DUP of the recent election on negative scare tactics will be detrimental to their vote and it will be necessary to campaign on the positive measures achieved for all the people of Northern Ireland, for businesses in Northern Ireland and also for Unionism due to devolution!

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