A Bloomsday roundup…

This website pretends to the world that it’s about politics and culture. That was certainly my intention, when it began just over seven years ago. And indeed, politics and culture in Ireland are often intimately (too intimately?) entwined. One cultural date we try to make every year is a celebration of James Joyce’s successful binding of the hyper local with the universal: Ulysses. I’m going to invite Slugger’s bloggers, if they wish, to add their own thoughts, links, news on how the world celebrates. But first off, a round up of the things that caught my eye on the day that’s in it…- Of course it has already started in Australia, and ABC has a report on Melbourne’s celebration of Buck Mulligan… “Buck is one of the boyos…”

– Colum McCann discovers where his Grandfather is ‘buried‘, “happily between the covers of a book, where he sits, smoking and drinking still.”

– Robert McCrum has found a way to take the pain out of Finnegan’s WakeFinnegans Wake (Modern Classics)” title=”Buy the recording instead”>Buy the recording instead…

– And John Naughton, in leiu of the Dublin media’s preoccupation with matters more pressing than obscure literary events, has unearthed this gem of a recording of the man himself and is shocked to discover the same boy was no ‘Dub’….

– And if you are worried you’ve never read it and don’t get what all the fuss is about, Angela’s only up to page 310 (which could be a third or half way through depending on which edition she’s reading) but clips her best bits so far…

– Mike Barsanti who’s handling the Bloomsday production of Ulysses in Philadelphia: “It calls into question the basic assumptions of what an artist is supposed to give a viewer, what the basic ground rules of a certain genre of art are.”

Twenty is distinctly unimpressed, but when I hit the play button on the YouTube video, all I get is a message saying “invalid parameters”… Is that the Cosmos trying to tell you/me something Twenty?

– Oh, and Joyce himself was once called “blasphemous and unreadable”.

– And here’s a map to help you trace the journey

– Even Trieste’s taking time out to remember it’s former resident

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