“the centre of gravity”?

The DUP deployed one of their more sure-footed MLAs on Stormont Live today, the current Northern Ireland Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Industry, Arlene Foster – video below the fold. At the end of the programme, with the impending DUP reshuffle and an end to some dual mandates in mind, Jim Fitzpatrick and Mark Devenport contemplated how MLAs will be replaced – in “black and white” here – and what it all means for the political centre of gravity – they plump for Stormont over Westminster.. Despite what Owen Patterson had to say. Of course, that ‘centre of gravity’ would require a functional NI Executive. And, if those idle threats were to actually materialise over the uncontentious transfer of policing and justice powers..

The DUP’s Arlene Foster, MLA, on Stormont Live

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  • slug

    The UUP lost a good un there. Should have selected her for FST in 2001.

  • Jim Allister’s Bald Patch

    She could defect to the PUP or UPRG…

  • ecthelion

    She’s after Robbo’s boots!

    if JimA takes alot of the old time DUP/FreeP memebers with him then her position in the party is strengthened, the baggage of being a UUP blowin will be much reduced. Dodds has been tarnished a bit by his wifes performance, and wee Jeff was in charge of the campiagn i believe, oh dear. However it may not be a good time to come to the forefront, do i hear knives being sharpened…

  • Comrade Stalin

    I’m delighted to hear Arlene making the case for devolution, as she did this morning on Nolan. It’s a shame the DUP didn’t push this kind of line more strongly during the European elections.

  • Laughing (Tory) Unionist

    Why would they have pushed a line about provincial devolution during an election to an EU pan-national institution? Talking little Ulster is exactly what you’ve gurned about local politcos doing. Really, that Fordie is in the bag: the other nominees may as well not bother turning up for the awards ceremony.

  • *Daphné Tremble*

    And just *how* are *you* this fine *eve*, my *Toryboy*?

  • SM

    She sounded a remarkably sensible sort in that clip! Is she always like that? If so how on earth did she end up in with the DUPes??

  • McCollum

    will the DUP be copting the very capable cllr Stalford onto their assembly team??

  • Faulkner

    I guess Arlene wanted to across as a happy smiling person with not a care in the world, save a few minor (hardly worth mentioning)irritants which would be sorted out by Saturday.

    I think she over played her hand. She precious close to being smug and totally unconvincing about the St. Andrews agreement and having learnt any lessons.

    There is no doubt that the DUP deliberately negotiated the possibility of Martin McGuinness being first minister for party political advantage.

    The DUP brand is deeply discredited, the DUP leadership disgraced and DUP organisational capability all but destroyed.

    Double jobbing and a failure to deliver have damaged the DUP beyond repair. No one will ever trust them again.

    The rumoured appointment of Poots (DETI), Weir (DOE), McCausland (DCAL), and Foster (DFP) would further reinforce the impression of political light weights completely out of their depth.

    To whom do the bells toll? They toll for you

  • Driftwood

    If Peter Weir is given a post, then it’s desperation alley. even more useless than Dianne Dodds. The rest of the political pygmies are just Dads Army.
    Absolutely pathetic.

  • loki

    post 9- Faulkner.
    Sorry to be pedantic but it’s a quote I like
    “ask not for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee”