Europe for Dummies..

An educational interlude during the EU election count on Monday with BBC NI’s Jim Fitzpatrick and Peadar O’Broin of the Institute for International and European Affairs. Listen out for the concern for “smaller fringe parties” as the number of MEPs is reduced. Adds Although, as Mark points out in the comments, in the event a very small fringe party took the third seat in Dublin.

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  • bootman

    Thats some bullshit right there

  • Mark McGregor


    Not much to disagree with, its a halfway decent synopsis of Europe.

    I do disagree with the part you highlight though on ‘smaller fringe parties’ and the example of Dublin that was used given that a very small fringe party picked up the third seat.

  • Pete Baker

    It was intended to be educational, Mark. Although it might have been more useful to have broadcast it during the actual campaign.

    And that’s a fair point about the Dublin seat. I’ll update to note it.

  • Phil

    “The bigger it becomes the more rules that are going to be needed.”

    Errr …… why?